Give Donation Stock Video Footage

Affectionate happy old adult woman grandmother and cute adorable small kid granddaughter make heart shape hand gesture. Look at camera bonding laughing showing family love concept, closeup portrait Volunteers fill grocery bags full of food  donations, as they do a good deed for the needy, elderly, and less fortunate by donating their time and food. Hands, shallow depth Smiling young woman volunteer showing hands sign heart shape looking at camera. Healthy heart health life insurance, love and charity, voluntary social work, organ donation concept, close up portrait. Social help during Coronavirus (COVID-19). A volunteer wearing gloves and a mask gives a food box to a family in need. Social distancing. Charity, Donation, Donating, Donate, Zakat Delivery meals to seniors in need. Food Bank during COVID-19. Volunteering Fund, Charity and Donation, Food parcel. Volunteers in the Protective Mask and hand Gloves Putting Food In Donation Boxes Opening Beautiful Gift Box with Ribbons and Big Bow. 4 videos in 1. Unpacking Present Parcel 3d Animation Elements on Green Screen Alpha and Mask Channels. Untying Decorative Knot. 4k UHD 3840x2160. Close-up, Volunteers pack free hot meals in lunchboxes, for poor people during lock down of covid19. food delivery. Charity project, donating aid, Volunteer putting food in a donation box, close up.Charity and donations. Food delivery Food For The Poor, Feeding the Hungry, Charity organization. Food donation during Coronavirus COVID-19. Hispanic volunteers, social worker in protective suits gloves and masks collect a grocery boxes Volunteer organization during the Covid-19 pandemic. Coronavirus Relief Funds and donations for seniors in need. Volunteers in protective suits, masks and gloves on their hands collect a boxes of Food Smiling young woman doctor cardiologist wearing white medical coat and stethoscope showing hands heart shape looking at camera. Cardiology healthcare, love and medicine charity concept, portrait. 3D Animation of Please Give Donate Now text asking for charity. Thanking 3 phrases. Simple elegant and easy message for your charity drive. May 2020, Bangkok, Thailand. While the Covid-19 virus still spreading, the philanthropist give food​ to those affected. Also with staff​ to facilitate and take care of everyone to wear a mask. Donate now button with matte. Great for your charity drive to help raise funds for those in need. Black African man delivering food parcels to the poor and hungry who are badly affected by Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic in South Africa CIRCA 2020 - during the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic outbreak, members of the armed forces hand out groceries at a food bank in Arizona. Close-up, hands in disposable gloves pack Charity hot meals in lunchboxes, to be free delivered to poor people by Volunteers during lock down covid19 . food delivery. Muslim Charity - Donate Zakat and Sadaqah during Ramadan  and Covid-19. Volunteers in protective suits, gloves and masks collect a box of food. Food banks feeding needy, indigent lockdown people Woman and man in volunteer t-shirt packing vegetables for donation charity for poor Spbas. Food parcels from factory. Delivery meals to seniors in need. social service Koh Samui, Thailand - April 24, 2020: Food donations on Island during Covid-19 outbreak. Group of volunteers Delhi, Delhi / India - April, 20, 2020 : Food being distributed to underprivileged section of society at Government School during covid19 lockdown maintaining social distancing, Delhi, India
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