Glowing Stock Video Footage

Flying glowing bonfire embers into night sky Background gold movement. Universe gold dust with stars on black background. Motion abstract of particles. VJ Seamless loop. Pixel heart on digital old tv screen seamless loop glitch interference animation new dynamic holiday retro joyful colorful retro vintage video footage Realistic explosion and blasts with alpha channel. VFX element. Abstract digital background made of different shapes with hight detailed elements. Rich details and depth of field effect. Geometry lines with dashes and glow. 3d rendering. Abstract neon background. luminous swirling. Glowing spiral cover. 
Black elegant. Halo around. Power isolated. Sparks particle.
Space tunnel. LED color ellipse. Glint glitter. Shimmer loop motion Abstract Gold Particles Background Space background. Camera is flying through the blue and magenta coloured nebula. The stars are everywhere around. Looped video. 4K Light Leaks Footage for different events and projects!!! Drop it over your current footage & composite using Add or Screen blend modes. (Any Software) A worker uses a future technology platform to verify the design in holography and augmented virtual reality. Concept: future technology, multimedia technology, futuristic engineering. 24 seconds of authentic multicoloured light leaks on a black background(Set of 7 different)Ideal for editing:for compositing over your footage, stylizing your video,for transitions,for overlay effect. Technology Icon Symbol Digital Animation - 4K Resolution Multicolored motion gradient background with seamless loop repeating in 60fps Colorful waveform, imagination of voice record, artificial intelligence Abstract background with shining bokeh sparkles. Smooth animation looped. With a central place for your logo\text. Abstract golden bokeh particles seamless loop Abstract background with moving and flicker particles. Backdrop of bokeh. Animation of seamless loop. Realistic explosion and blasts with alpha channel. VFX element. Abstract background with neon triangles. Seamless loop Animation of gold waves Bright stage lights flashing. Amber-Blue. SEE MORE COLOR OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. Abstract background with animation of flight in abstract futuristic tunnel with neon light. Animation of seamless loop.
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