Gmo Stock Video Footage

GUINES, CUBA - CIRCA APRIL 2013: Beginning of the growing season, two men working as farmers spraying insecticide and pesticide on plants in farm field, circa April 2013 in Guines, Cuba Genetic Research GMO Samples of genetically modified wheat are put into test tubes Aerial view of tractor spraying wheat field Shopping Cart in Store - Dolly Shot Young pretty girl shopping in a grocery store/supermarket Aerial view of tractor spraying wheat field Green leaves of soy bean in hand. Crop duster spraying cornfield. Woman agronomist using tablet computer in agricultural cultivated corn field in sunset. 1920x1080, 1080p full hd footage. Female scientist inject substance into tomato
Summer Sunset Over Corn Field Aerial Close Fly By Shot Agriculture Healthy Living Gmo Foods Hope Future Concept Scientists hands examine dried plants
Gardener Picking Tomato In Vegetable Garden Farmer Harvesting Of Tomatoes organic 4k ecological chemical free farming no GMO non genetically modified vegetables mature red NEW YORK - CIRCA 2013: Protest against GMO and Monsanto in New York City Testing biologically active additives for food products GMO plant genetics laboratory Human Microbiome and Bacteria inside intestines. Microbes inside human gut. GMO sprout plant in vitro in modern bio laboratory. Elderly skilled scientist in protective clothing, gloves and glass looking at it Scientists in greenhouse inject substance into tomato
Farmer using digital tablet computer in cultivated soybean crops field, modern technology application in agricultural growing activity, selective focus
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