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A young black goat eats leaves high up on an Argan tree, Essaouira, Morocco. The tree is cultivated for the famous Argan oil that is produced from the kernels of the nuts. Slow-motion footage. Black African goat standing alone on brown arid Moroccan land with some argan trees and snow covered High Atlas mountains in the background.Then goat goes away. Rocky Mountain Goat walking on a cliff A herd of goats eating in northern Mexico, wide establishing shot Wild goats near Kananaskis provincial park near Medicine lake, Canada. Two baby goats relaxing in the green grass Nigerian dwarf goat standing on wooden planks on small farm. West Africa - 2018: A goat stands on concrete blocks. Mountain goat on road walking toward camera Asturias Northern Spain Goat on tree and feeding grass and leaf Goat on tree and feeding grass and leaf A flock of goats in an argan tree eating the argan nuts in morocco. Thoroughbred goats eating grass and walking at the sunset summer background in forest Goat and kid. Summer. A farm. CIRCA 1950s - A families dog allow their son to retrieve their kite back from a goat after the kite fell Goats eat leaves and argan nuts from a tree in rural Morocco Goats grazing at high altitude in Val Zebrù, Stelvio National Park, Alps, Italy Goat Breeding in an old indigenous area, in the Midwest of Brazil. Farms take place in the Amazon rainforest. Close up with trees in the background. Take 3/4. Close up of male alpine ibex eating leafs from tree.	Huge male standing itching body with cork screw horns Goat with her kids in front of a mud hut with straw roof. Medium close. Static.
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