Grassland Stock Video Footage

Aerial Herd of Cows Running on Pasture at Sunrise Close-up aerial view of a breeding herd of elephants walking in the marshy grasslands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE: Energetic border collie jumps high in the air and catches a yellow throwing disc. Playful puppy with beautiful black coat catches a flying frisbee in the middle of sunny grassland. An Alpine cow is smelling the camera, than turns to its herd, licking its nose, amazing covered with snow mountain peaks and large stones on the background. Farming activities. Animal portrait. Driving USA: The open road – beautiful point of view shot driving on long straight road in desert grasslands at sunrise/sunset, Wyoming Slow motion stabilized shot - Famous cypress trees row along Tuscany road by POV of car driver driving along countryside of Italy. Cypress tree defines signature of Tuscany for tourist visiting Italy. Slow motion of Cogon grass of lalang flower blow by the wind AERIAL CLOSE UP: Distancing from stunning acacia tree canopy at dramatic, golden light, bonfire-red and sunflame-gold sunset in breathtaking African savannah grassland woodland in pristine wilderness Golden light sunset in lush savannah acacia woodland scenery. Silhouetted trees against bonfire-red and sunflame-golden sky in breathtaking Africa in pristine Serengeti national park wilderness Aerial top down view of tractor cutting grass moving from right to left beautiful fresh green field meadow pasture the cut grass will be dried and become hay and then used as animal silage 4k quality Male lion walking in the morning sunshine in Africa (2 Different Shots) POV Road trip on sunny autumn morning, driving through scenic vast grasslands Great Plains in United States. Traveling along the empty interstate highway through serene countryside on beautiful day Magnificent male lion walking across the African grasslands. Asian family of 4 walking & laughing in park in sunny summer in slow motion Black and white cows in a grassy field on a bright and sunny day in the Netherlands - 4K Green seagrass hover in the water. Seaweed is a common aquatic plant. Zostera marina grows in the river, lake, sea or in the ocean. Pollen in the sun Herd of sheep, Navarra, Spain, Europe Family of African Elephants (Loxodonta africana) walking through the grasslands of Amboseli N.P., Kenya. Asian family of 4 walking & laughing in park in sunny summer in slow motion Cows grazing on alpine meadow at the foot of Shkhara glacier. Picturesque day, gorgeous scene. Location place Upper Svaneti, Georgia, Europe. Ecology concept. Beauty world. Shooting in HD 1080 video.
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