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Aerial drone hyperlapse video of urban elevated toll road junction and interchange overpass ring road and Attiki odos of Attica, Athens, Greece Beautiful view of Churches in Oia village, Santorini island in Greece at sunset, with dramatic sky. 4K day to night transition timelapse. 4K 30p Golden sea sunset Ancient Temple of Poseidon Sounio Greece .4K Sunset timelapse of the Ancient temple of Poseidon monument in Cape Sounio of Athens,Greece. 4K-HD drive pov modern highway timelapse/hyperlapse night.Pov night driving hyperlapse at a modern highway passing a series of tunnels.Camera is placed outside the vehicle and level is horizontal. Blue domed churches and white-washed houses in the village of Oia on the edge of the volcanic caldera on the island of Santorini in Greece. Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland 4K scenic sunrise background sun rising.
Close up telephoto timelapse of sun rising behing sea and mountains in Greece.
All unwanted elements been digitally removed,and sequence has been deflickered. Marble Statue of the Great Greek Philosopher Plato, Greece 4K Motion controlled sunset Timelapse of pillars In the temple of Olympian Zeus in Olympeion of Athens Greece.
Beautiful blue sky and clouds passing over. Acropolis to the left. 4K Loopable clip of a pov (point of view) night driving hyperlapse timelapse of night traffic shot from outside the windshield of a car in a highway in Greece. Acropolis Parthenon, Athens, Greece,Tilt-UP , Timelapse - 1920X1080 Planet earth animation of Europe at night (1080p HD) 4K cinematic Sun movement close up through dark storm ominous clouds.Timelapse of sun disc setting amongst layers of fiery clouds.
No flickering, all unwanted elements have been digitally removed. Sunny day santorini island oia town bell coastline panorama 4k timelapse greece Big construction site with cranes with pan and zoom effect. Editorial November 25 2014 Perama port,Athens,Greece.Night Timelapse sequence of machinery handling cargo containers ,at the harbor of Perama in Athens,Greece. Parthenon, Acropolis of Athens, Greece - Timelapse with dramatic sky at daytime Aerial drone top down timelapse video of urban elevated toll road junction and interchange overpass ring road and Attiki odos of Attica, Athens, Greece Parthenon, Acropolis of Athens, Greece - Timelapse of summer sunrise 4K Music concert stage set up buildup construction time lapse shot in July 2011 in Athens at the Olympic sports stadium as technicians set up the stage for the live music event. 30p Driving pov modern highway timelapse/hyperlapse night, rapid speed, passing a series of tunnels.Camera outside the vehicle giving the illusion of teleporting through an series of turns,and tunnels
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