Ground Stock Video Footage

Cracked soil in a desert drying out, timelapse. global climate change and drought. time lapse evaporation from soil. increased temperatures, global warming, environment. food crisis 2023 Super Slow Motion Shot of Coal Explosion Isolated On Black Background at 1000 fps. Super Slow Motion Shot of Ground Coffee and Fresh Beans Explosion Towards Camera at 1000fps. Swirling smoke rolling low across the ground. Smoke on ground green screen motion graphics Close up of male hands touching dry ground in an agricultural field, Soil, cultivated dirt, earth, ground, Organic gardening, agriculture. Nature close up. Environmental texture, pattern. Mud on field Cracked soil in a desert drying out timelapse, drought concept. earth drying time lapse. water scarcity, lack of water, climate change and global warming. ecology concept, nature landscape. water use CLOSE UP: Big area of cracked soil caused by long draught. Brown desiccated land with ground cracks and no vegetation. Dry landscape with crack pattern caused by lack of water. Farmer hand. man farmer working in the field inspects the crop wheat germ natural a farming. business agriculture harvesting concept. farmer hand touches green wheat crop germ agriculture industry. Pulsating chocolate cocoa powder in slow motion macro, close up, coffee powder, soil Slow motion of group of colorful butterfly on the ground and flying in nature forest. Group of large ground satellites isolated rotating up, big satellite dish searching the sky during night. Close-up Slow Motion of Grinder Stuffing Roasted Coffee from Coffee Machine. Filmed on High Speed Cinematic Camera at 1000 fps. Dynamic shot of cracked soil ground of dried lake or river in mountains. Land destroyed by erosion and global warming - ecological issues concept 4k footage Cracked soil in a desert drying out, timelapse, two shots of cracked ground draining, cracked earth, Global warming Timelapse of growing plants of basil with lens flare. Alfalfa grows dynamically. The birth of a new life in nature. Cutting a sprout through the ground. High quality 4k footage Hiking trail walking path in wild green pine forest moving backwards Hand Watering A Young Plant
Agriculture teamwork. farmers team hands plant a small plant in the ground soil. business teamwork agriculture concept. team man and woman hands close up with plant plant in eco mud soil Brewing Arabica by Pouring Hot Water onto Ground Coffee Beans in 1000fps Rye Field (Cereal) Growing Crop Time Lapse. Fresh Green Rye Plant Grow Timelapse. Nature spring season. Gardening food, agriculture grain, cover crop, forage crop. Ecology, climate change
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