Heifer Stock Video Footage

Aerial top-down view flight over meadow with red Holstein Friesians cattle grazing grass showing their long shadows from sundown in grass field these cows are usually used for dairy production 4k Close view of a herd of cows grazing in the dappled morning sunlight in a field in Cows in Usk Valley, South Wales, UK 4K. Cows on livestock farming. Cows grazing on green meadow in Edam, Netherlands. Dutch landscape. Near the cows there is a stream of water-Adrian Calf drinking cows milk from bucket. Farmer calf feeding with milk from bucket. Close up young calf on dairy farm. Cows breeding at rural farming. Livestock feed Dairy cows in field walk towards the camera Night Pan right over busy sidewalk small corner Hogs Heifers bar saloon pub club bouncer door Rundown shabby grungy slum trendy hipsters Spring autumn establish Hogs Heifers Senior farmer with heifers using digital tablet Cows grazing in a prarie under broad blue skies at sunrise in Usk Valley in South Wales, United Kingdom Close view of herd of cows grazing in a field in dawn mist in Usk Valley, South Wales, UK Automated dairy processing milking cow on milk factory. Aerial - Landscape with herd of cows on the open meadow Cows in field / cows farm / grazing cows. Holstein cows graze on pasture with yellow autumn grass at the golden hour just before sunset. (av24163c) Herd of cows grazing and relaxing on an Alpine meadow in Seiser Aim with the majestic Italian Dolomites in the distance Cow Aerial view of a farmer on a John Deere 4 wheeler chasing Hereford cattle with red barn in the background. Brown cow and green field, the caw looking at the camera Cows are resting in a meadow. Cows and young heifers are relaxing quietly in the meadow on summer pasture. Sun breaks through trees as it rises over a field and herd of cows in silhouette at dawn in Usk Valley, South Wales, United Kingdom Red cow eat grass/young heifer cow eats grass in pasture Calf mooing loudly in a cowshed Black Angus cow look into the camera
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