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Jet helicopter landing on large super yacht heli deck at sea. Filmed in 200fps for excellent cinematic slow motion. Large cargo army helicopter troops of military soldiers to place of war Rescue yellow helicopter landing after emergency on ski slopes A Blackhawk military helicopter lands on a dusty road on a clear day in a deserted area. Military helicopter takes off from an aircraft carrier in the morning in the endless blue ocean Dark blue helicopter landing in a sunny day Helicopter take-off from the take-off station. Helicopter Sign For Landing At The Roof Of Surrey Memorial Hospital Building In Canada - aerial top down Detailed close-up of two British army Boeing Apache Attack helicopter gunships (AH64E AH-64E ArmyAir606) transition to low flight, salute from gunner, flying across frame from left to right Ukrainian Mi-24 "Crocodile" attack helicopter landing. Heavy military war aircraft returning home. Amazing aircraft technology side view 4k UHD footage Cinematic aerial around the helicopter landing site. Helipad on the rooftop of the modern skyscraper with Mexico city on motion background. Glass business offices district in Mexico capital. 4K aerial A combat unit of military helicopters flies over the desert and goes to land in the mountains. Concept: attack and reconnaissance from the air, combat operations in the zone of military conflict 3. Helicopter take off green screen. 3d animation Aerial shot of helicopter flying over trees. Drone Shot .Helicopter low flying in blue sky with green forest on mountains in background. Flying Taxi Drone landing with the city skyline in the background, 4k Aerial view of the airplane on take-off approach at the airport runway. top view Downtown Los Angeles California Main street Grand Avenue in beautiful Sunset Light with little car traffic, Aerial Birds Eye Overhead Top Down Shot, Wide angle The helicopter left skiers on the slope of the mountain and flew raising a cloud of snow Suzhou, China - August 14, 2020: Helipad on the rooftop of the modern skyscraper. Glass business offices district. Aerial drone view of helipad on the roof of a skyscraper in downtown. Helicopters landing area. Aerial view of helipad sign. Landing zone for helicopters. Passing by Huge Office Building Skyscraper Rooftops in Downtown Los Angeles, Aerial Birds Eye Overhead Top Down View of City Street with little Car traffic
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