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Looking down at Chinese high speed train tracks on raised platform. Drone shot of moving gaotie on elevated railway. Futuristic, modern train passing on mono rail. Ecological future concept. Aerial nature view. photorealistic 4K animation. Wallau, Germany - June 07, 2016: Aerial tracking shot of passing german high speed train (ICE) on the Frankfurt-Cologne line near Wallau, Germany. The maximum speed of these trains is around 320km/h High Speed Train from Sky View from the high speed train at beautiful Georgian landscapes with hills and forest. Window view from car, bus, train. Traveling from train on a sunny day. Train from Tbilisi to Batumi, Georgia Cambridgeshire, UK - May 23, 2018: A Virgin Trains High Speed Train HST 125  passenger train heading south and a class 91 electric passenger train heading north pass over a roadway level crossing. Railway Train View Driving Through Modern City Skyline District Highspeed train aerial top down view Freight train with cargo containers. Against Sunrise. logistic concept. Realistic cinematic 4k. Journey through a futuristic neon tunnel. Seamless loop 3d animation. High speed ride through a colorful corridor. Fast underground train riding in a tunnel of the modern city AERIAL. Camera flight from train tracks to the high summer sunset sky Journey through a tunnel. Loopable. 4 colors. Cubic. High speed ride through a colorful tunnel. More colors in my portfolio. Monorail futuristic train in tunnel. 3d illustration Woman thinking and looking out from train window, extreme close up shot of her eye. Blurred background, dim natural light at evening time. High speed carriage run fast, slow motion shot Berlin, Germany - 20 July, 2018: Doors of train closing. Underground station interior. Indoors, yellow line. Modern city, public transport, metro, speed, vehicle. Germany Berlin Passenger woman sit against window of high speed Chinese train, look to smartphone, slow motion. Bullet train rush at Shanghai-Beijing route at evening time, bright sun shine outside, silhouetted shot Passengers train Trans Siberian railway from tunnel. Frozen lake Baikal coast. Winter beautiful Holiday Russia. Sunny day snow field high rocks. Fast speed aerial drone 4k footage. Landscape Through Moving Train Window with Rain. Action shot of handsome young millennial hipster man in trendy outfit running late to meeting or plane or train, looking at smartphone, nervous and stressed speeding up not to miss chance to win Point of view time-lapse through Tokyo tunnels via the automated monorail guideway transit system (AGT) called the Yurikamome at night. No unwanted window reflections.
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