Hitting Stock Video Footage

Ice Hockey Rink Arena: Professional Player Shooting, Hitting, Stricking the Puck with Hockey Sticks. Athlete Scoring a Goal. Dramatic Wide Shot, Cinematic Lighting, 3D Puck Flying in Slow Motion Asteroid Meteor Comet strike over Earth Impact causing apocalypse
, earth destruction Cinematic vision End of world Concept outer space view
Water splash, underwater explosion or object hitting the water surface, alpha channel, slow motion, side view OVERHEAD CRANE Kid boy batter baseball player hits a ball over a home plate. Super slow motion, shot with high speed camera at 420 FPS Super Slow Motion Shot of Smashing Concrete Brick with Sledgehammer at 1000fps. Stressed angry businessman smashing his laptop with a baseball bat, job burnout concept Slow Motion Golf Swing Drive Shot. Silhouette Asian male golfer enjoying vacation luxury resort using driver to tee off golf course fairway over sunset background. Angry mature businessman sitting at desk and hitting his outdated old computer Light organic leaks effect background animation stock footage. Lens light leaks flashing around making an elegant abstract background animation. Classic Light Leak in 4k Putting Golf Ball on green in golf course hitting the golf ball to hole for birdie score, sports relax in holidays summer vacation at sunset golden time, cinematic Slow motion footage Ice Comet Hitting North america creating Large dust shockwave
Mushroom Cloud created over earth, 3d illustration, Outer space view
Super Slow Motion Shot of Drum Hit with Color Powder Explosion at 1000 fps. Great hit tennis, the racket hit the tennis ball, in a super slow-motion ultra detailed 3d animation Sparks hits on Black Background, Sparks Over Black. Spark Wall created by Gun Powder Sparks Falling. Slow Motion Aerial drone hyperlapse timelapse of beautiful tropical valley between mountains. The first rays of the rising sun break through the clouds and clouds. The last rays of the sunset hit the tree crowns. Set of 4 Videos. Beautiful Soccer Ball Hits the Camera in Slow Motion on Green Screen. Football 3d Animations of Flying Ball. 4k Ultra HD 3840x2160. College game in action. Pitcher throwing a fastball down the middle. Siwing for the fences. Shot in Slow-motion and in 4k. Various right and left hand gestures, different tempo. Touchscreen. Female hand showing multitouch gestures on green screen. Golf club hits a golf ball in a super slow motion. Drops of morning dew and grass particles rise into the air after the impact. OVERHEAD CRANE Batter baseball player hits a ball over a home plate. 4K UHD 60 FPS SLO MO RAW TV Series COLORFUL neon glow color moving seamless art loop background abstract motion screen background animated box shapes 4K loop lines design 4K laser show looped animation ultraviolet spectrum 4K
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