Homelessness Stock Video Footage

Volunteers fill grocery bags full of food  donations, as they do a good deed for the needy, elderly, and less fortunate by donating their time and food. Hands, shallow depth Homeless man sitting on a street with sign people walk around honeliness sad social cardboard homeless beggar poverty poor hungry dirty unemployed despair male slow motion Small cute stray dog gets affection from  stranger, homeless pet with kind grateful eyes looks into camera, makes  video cry and sympathize, social video about helping animals. hand stroking sad puppy Close-up, Volunteers pack free hot meals in lunchboxes, for poor people during lock down of covid19. food delivery. Charity project, donating aid, Close up young woman stands near the window at home use phone communication female message cellphone cheerful smile internet modern smartphone portrait. Texting browsing social media. 4k A hungry homeless child cries. War. Homeless child. Portrait of a homeless child. Refugee camp. Sad little girl behind the fence.  Child abuse. Fence prison strict regime silhouette barbed wire. illegal immigration fence from refugees. illegal immigration concept prison prison fence lifestyle Homeless cute multicoloured kitten outside. Adorable street little cat playing outdoors. Stray lovely kitty walking. MANILA, PHILIPPINES - JANUARY 5, 2018: A homeless, poor Filipino family sleeping on the street near the road. Manila. Refugees Running In Cornfield. Young migrant couple escaping from the war with plastic bag in their hands. Refugees trying to cross border in search of better life in Europe (EU). A homeless man sleeping on the street. Close-up, hands in disposable gloves pack Charity hot meals in lunchboxes, to be free delivered to poor people by Volunteers during lock down covid19 . food delivery. Delhi, Delhi / India - April, 20, 2020 : Food being distributed to underprivileged section of society at Government School during covid19 lockdown maintaining social distancing, Delhi, India 4k, A kind hearted young man offering a cup of coffee to a homeless person sitting outside in cold. Slow motion Orphan emaciated refugee boy stands alone looking into the camera Portrait orphan emaciated refugee boy stands alone looking into the camera Aerial drone of the Favela, Brazilian Rio de Janeiro a low-income urban area in Brazil. New York City, United States – 05/26/2020: Empty 7-eleven closed sign out of business New York NYC Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 Shut Down Lock Down 4K Homeless old man in dirty clothes sleeping on the street and asking for help Syria refugee tent camp container2
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