Honor Stock Video Footage

US soldiers. US army. USA patch flag on the US military uniform. Soldiers on the parade ground from the back. Veterans Day. Memorial Day. Successful team: many hands holding together on sky background in slowmotion. 1920x1080 Bride and groom exchanging wedding rings and kissing during outdoors wedding ceremony with multi-ethnic guests 
silhouette of Soldier with automatic rifle wave American Flag .Slow Motion. 
United Nations flag. The United Nations flag waving in the wind. International flag of UN USA Flag Slow Motion Loop Guy in green T-shirt rejoices at street party in the night city winning football. Atmospheric celebration in honor of victory. Guy goes into crowd jump and rejoices with crowd victory of Russia AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 1 JUNE 2020: Demonstrators in Amsterdam raise fists and hold symbolic one minute silence to pay tribute to and honor George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis Veterans Day, Honoring all who served, USA Flag, HD animation, web 4K banner. Remember and honor. Warsaw, Poland, 03.16.2020 - Apocalyptic scenery of the empty Nowy Swiat Street in Warsaw, declared State of Epidemic threat. Only the fire truck on the main historic thoroughfares of Warsaw American flag and candle burning. Ural Mountains. Rocks and rocky rifts on a mountain river in summer. View from the drone on the valley and the river Iset with rocky banks. Young man singing anthem at stadium, putting hand on chest, patriotism, slow-mo Sunrise in Bellas Artes and Torre Latinoamericana Veterans Day, Honoring all who served. Soldier in front of American Flag. Animated footage. Courageous sportsman kissing trophy cup, celebrating triumph and recognition Clapping businessman Running soldier in epic slow motion action scene. World in fire. Wide. CIRCA 1945 - Iwo Jima iconic image of Marines soldiers raising the American flag in this patriotic world war two image. Running soldier in epic slow motion action scene. World in fire. Closeup. An aerial over a vast cemetery of headstones honors America's veterans. (USA 2010s)
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