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Burning Fire In The Fireplace. Slow motion. A looping clip of a fireplace with medium size flames Two Brave Firefighters Go Up Burning Stairs. They Go Through Open Doors. Building is on Fire. Open Flames and Smoke Everywhere. Slow Motion.  Shot on RED EPIC 4K (UHD). Syria outskirts of Deir ez-Zor. hail rocket launchers fire Washington, DC / USA - May 30, 2020: Crowds of peoplegather at the White House to protest the death of George Floyd. Christmas tree and fireplace scene through frozen and snowy window dolly shot. Decorated christmas tree in cozy and warm farm house and presents under the tree while snowing outside. Burning car close to a house in a sleeping area of the city. Theme of riots criminal arson of a car near house. Automobile engulfed in flames of fire. Trees close to burning sedan. Fire is burning in the fireplace. Hearth. Warmth and home comfort. Flames of a country house. Top Down Shot of a Gas Stove Being Turned On. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera. A drone filmed over the city of Aleppo in Syria Burning Fire In The Fireplace. Wood And Embers In The Fireplace Detailed fire background. A looping clip of a fireplace with medium size flames Building is On Fire. Brave Fireman Passes On Saved Girl To His Teammate. Who Brings Her To Safety. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). A flight of a drone over the city of Homs in Syria  03/04/2017 - Homs - Syria Big fire and black smoke shooting from a height 6 Closeup 4k footage of family with child wearing warm wool socks lying by the fireplace on Christmas eve Relaxation. Someone puts their feet up on a foot rest by the fire. They’re wearing cozy socks, and plaid pants. It’s incredibly cozy. Burning house and fire fighters, parts of the roof collapses during clip Apollo 11 launch from Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral in 1969. Seen on a Retro TV. Sepia Tone. Elements of this video furnished by NASA. 4K Resolution. Brave Firefighter Runs Up The Stairs. In Slow Motion. Raging Fire is Seen Everywhere.  Shot on RED EPIC 4K (UHD). Close-up of a Firefighter's Legs Running Up the Burning Stairs. Building is on Fire Open Flames are Seen Everywhere. Slow Motion.  Shot on RED EPIC 4K (UHD). Burned Out Detroit Row Houses.  Shot could be used to show ghetto, arson, fire department, crime, gangs, vacant, drug house, bad neighborhood, abandoned, or poverty. Background with colorful baubles on Christmas tree next to burning fireplace at living room
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