Hurricane Sandy Stock Video Footage

Depiction of flooding after a hurricane. Suitable for showing the devastation wrought after storms like Hurricane Irma, Harvey and Maria make landfall. 4K UHD. Hurricane Isabel View From Space to Earth Animation, 4K some elements furnished by NASA images Wide Shot of Atlantic Ocean Waves Crash into Johnny Mercer Pier at Wrightsville Beach North Carolina as Hurricane Sandy Passes Along the Coast.  Waves spray up as they hit the pilings of the pier. Empty swing rocking on the sea, in trees, on the sandy beach. Highly realistic hurricane. Strong hurricane iluminated by sun rays. MORE OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. Flooded highway. Flooded road during floods. Cars that can not pass on the road flooded river. Disaster.Breakthrough of the dam.After strong rain. Giant roiling brown muddy water.Foamy stream dangerous wild brook. Highly realistic hurricane seen from space. Elements of image furnished by NASA. Strong hurricane iluminated by sun rays. MORE OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO.
Category five hurricane churning in the sea just before making landfall. 4K broadcast quality animation. (Some elements furnished by NASA.) A large monster hurricane makes landfall near New York city causing huge power outages.

High production value 3D animation created in MAYA. Slow Motion Waves on Rockaway Beach in New York City. Sunny Empty Beach in NYC Small wooden boat rocks around in the rough seas with a storm approaching the empty white sand shoreline of Himmafushi. Raging tropical storm approaches a remote island in the Maldives. Rainy season Hurricane Debris on Sidewalk Gale Fore Hurricane Winds Atlantic Storm, Breaking Waves at Reykjanes Peninsula BREEZY POINT, QUEENS, NY-December 2, 2012: Footage clip of homes destroyed by waves and storm surge from Hurricane Sandy. Video pans across wreckage of destroyed homes, ends with image of U.S. Flag Super Typhoon / Hurricane as viewed from space. (Elements furnished by NASA) Hurricane Sandy (2012) Doppler Radar Landfall Time Lapse / loop.
Created (in part) using archived NEXRAD Data from the National Weather Service which is not subject to copyright protection. Aerial view Floods and flooded houses. Mass natural disasters and destruction. A big city is flooded after floods and rains. BREEZY POINT, QUEENS, NY-December 2, 2012: Video clip of wreckage and debris from homes destroyed by devastating fire during Hurricane Sandy. End of clip tilts up to reveal wreckage and reveals homes. Aerial shot flying over a major dredging operation to replenish the beaches on the jersey shore after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. Massive destruction to personal homes after Super storm hurricane Sandy devastated coastal towns.
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