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A group of mixed gender office colleagues discussing in a meeting on business development in a conference room of a modern office. A young female leader conducting a board meeting in a boardroom Track back shot of two young male office employees or colleagues are discussing and working together in front of computer monitor on a collaborative assignment in a modern corporate office building Taj Mahal at Sunset Earth connections. Asia. Japan and China. Animation of the Earth with bright connections and citiy lights. Aerial, maritime, ground routes and country borders. 2 in 1 file. Dolly and locked. Blue. MUMBAI, INDIA - 8 NOVEMBER 2014: Major traffic jam in front of a busy bazaar in Mumbai. The streets are filled with cars, pedestrians, workers, and others. Visible Earth Blue Marble Digital Clouds Earth rotating animation social future technology abstract atmosphere scientific growth data network surrounding planet earth rotating Digital data globe loop A ambitious and attractive female boss is interacting with young business team of mixed gender and ethnicity in modern office building. A motivated and smiling woman conducting meeting in boardroom. Indian People. Thousands of people formed Map of India. Crowd flight over. Motion Blur. Camera zoom out. Two young and attractive office female employees/workers working together on a laptop in a modern office space are smiling and  celebrating their success after completing a huge task or business deal Global Communications and Connections over Eastern Asia.  The Camera moves from Japan to India through China, Philippines, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal. High angle aerial view HDR time lapse of Mumbai traffic and city. the shot tilts up, transition from day to night. each frame is a fusion of 3 exposures. A modern businessman struggles to stay awake and sleeps in office conference meeting. A young office employee slowly falling sleep in a business meeting in modern office. A sleeping corporate coworker Asia on digital globe with animated connections. Zoom in.  Blue version,
A business team of mixed gender and ethnicity taking an important and critical financial decision in a conference meeting. A serious and focused creative office workers interacting on upcoming project A happy and smiling woman making a card payment through mobile phone to pay bills. An attractive girl putting debit or credit card details on a smartphone or cellphone to make online transaction A mid shot of a confident smiling Muslim young man standing and looking into a camera in a busy market Rajasthan - March 2015: Jaipur India Asia Sari factory male textiles dyed material product sarong worker cloth Bam Boo travel Close up of a young and busy businessman wearing eyeglasses working on computer. Reflection of computer screen can be seen in the eyeglasses of an handsome male entrepreneur in modern corporate office Mixed gender office colleagues smiling, applauding and congratulating a lady employee after winning an award. A group of male and female coworkers clapping and celebrating a success of a woman A young and busy software engineer wearing eyeglasses working on a laptop and listing to music in moving modern train. Shot of a businessman using a laptop while going on a business trip Office going young man using mobile phone, tablet on road.
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