Insane Stock Video Footage

Front view close up of diverse group of people dancing at a concert in nightclub. Insane light effects abstract Brown bear (Ursus arctos) roaring Front view of group of diverse people taking selfie with mobile phone in nightclub. Front view close up of Caucasian man crowd surfing at a concert in nightclub. Possessed woman scratching glass with hands, creepy female silhouette, horror. Scary ghostly creature behind the glass Stressed crazy businessman smashing his laptop in the office using a baseball bat, anger and computer problem concept Overhead view of Caucasian woman crowd surfing at a concert in nightclub. Thessaloniki, Greece, October 4 2015: Aerial flying by soot of the Toumba Stadium full of fans during a football match for the championship between teams PAOK vs Olympiacos Cute funny dog toy looking around Creepy foot walking through forest CREEPY MAN WALKS THROUGH DARK FOREST WITH AXE Beautiful sisters ride a spinning attraction in an amusement park. Young women are dancing at an attraction. Hand stabbing someone with a butcher knife, ritual killing, horror scene. Blood-chilling horror thriller shot A sad worried breadbag face alone on the stairs. Handheld shot.
Insane Rush Hour Traffic Jam in California Hospital Spooky Hallway Haunted abandoned Alluring girl is moving in a nightclub in smoke, looking at camera. She is holding two pink elongated lamps and waving them Furious yelling man in slow motion. This guy is so angry he's making an evil screaming rage face. Raging and livid, man moves in close with serious expression. Couple of eccentric characters are dancing outdoors in night summer city. Transgender girl and man in a costume covered pieces of mirror Silhouette of an evil woman hammering on glass, obsessed person, psychoneurosis. Blood-chilling horror thriller shot
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