Interrogation Stock Video Footage

Airport security, customs agent or lawyer shaking hands with with two middle eastern businessmen in a waiting area 4K swinging filament light bulbs CU. Interrogation lighting. Shot with RED EPIC in 4K DCI Native Resolution UHD. Question mark written with chalk on a chalkboard View of interrogation room. Interrogation guy sits alone at table Detective enters Interrogation room hand cuffs on table in front of suspect Glidecam view of interrogation room. Lots of question marks coming out of the middle Golden question marks. Looping. Alpha channel included. 4K swinging filament lightbulb CU. Interrogation lighting. Shot with RED EPIC in 4K DCI Native Resolution UHD. Interrogation detective leaves room 4K Tough female Police Detective interrogating crime suspect in interview room Terrorist Hostages Interrogation suspect accused file thrown on table A classic old interrogation room with swinging incandescent bulb. The camera slowly zooms in to scene to enhance the eerie atmosphere. MALE HANDS IN HANDCUFFS.  PAIR OF HANDS TESTS OUT THE STRENGTH OF THE CUFFS.  CLOSE UP SHOT, ARMS IN TATTERED SWEATSHIRT ON A BLACK TABLETOP.  SHOT IN 4K.  AUDIO. 2000s - Two postal inspectors interrogate a secretary about her boyfriends mailing scam during the 2000s The pens of a polygraph machine record on a printout the results of a deception detection test. Businesswoman doing an interview in an office Handsome special agent character escapes interrogation by Asian criminal gang. Shot on RED Epic. Loop-able swinging light bulb on peeling concrete wall
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