Intersection Stock Video Footage

Aerial view of beautiful landscape of Semanggi road intersection in the misty morning, shot in 4k resolution 4K,Time lapse night  traffic of the expressway, motorway and highway in the detail of Circle intersection People pedestrians walk/cross big city intersection slow motion 100p.Gimbal stabilized tracking shot of an anonymous crowd mostly of young age getting across a busy city street.No logos/faces visible. 4K UHD Time-lapse of car traffic on road and people crossing street at night in Hong Kong downtown district, drone aerial top view. Commuter, Asia city life, or public transportation concept, Zoom out A young man is commuting to work while browsing his cellphone on a busy urban street at night. Rush hour in Hanoi, Vietnam, crowded traffic mess at intersection with cars, motorbikes, buses and many people. High angle, long shot. Night time illumination shenzhen downtown traffic street crossroad top view 4k timelapse china Young beautiful woman crossing the road in traffic downtown of New York, America. Female walking through the crosswalk. Portrait of a beautiful Japanese woman standing in the middle of a busy, crowded street in Shibuya with soft dark, natural lighting. Medium shot on 4k RED camera on gimbal. SHIBUYA,  TOKYO,  JAPAN - CIRCA MARCH 2019 : Aerial view around SHIBUYA scramble crossing.  Busy crowded area in Tokyo.  Wide view slow motion shot. Rising drone shot reveals spectacular elevated highway and convergence of roads, bridges, viaducts in city at night, transportation and infrastructure development in urban area. 4K hyperlapse Aerial view of powerful station with solar panels generates electric current with help of sunlight is located in field near road on which pass cars. Drone shoots video of energy saving Tokyo city scenery night scene scramble intersection intersection overlooking Hyperlapse timelapse of night city traffic on 6-way stop street intersection circle roundabout in Beverly Hills, CA. 4K UHD vertical aerial view. Aerial view Time lapse of the expressway, motorway and highway in the detail of Circle  intersection bangkok Thailand Panoramic aerial footage of a huge network of flyovers, junctions, intersections, roads, bridges etc in Zhengzhou, urban China. Aerial hyper lapse at night overhead of busy intersection traffic at night in Sydney, Australia with fast moving cars, trucks, buses and trains, blurred motion Aerial hyperlapse drone shot of fast moving freeway traffic at night showing cars and light streaks NEW YORK - MAY 30, 2020: protestors riot burning fire in intersection on street at night to protest police killing of George Floyd in New York City NYC. Chicago traffic light turns from red to green at downtown skyscrapers financial district intersection People and shoppers cross a busy city street.People and traffic in a busy European city at night.
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