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Connected freeway at sunset in Los Angeles, California. Traffic passing by. Aerial footage. United States. Futuristic. Technology. Driving a Car on a Road in Norway Lofoten A semi truck passes the camera driving on a highway into the sunset, back-view low angle camera. Realistic high quality 3d animation.
Cinematic urban aerial time lapse from above of interstate traffic causing climate change or global warming as result of CO2 emissions and pollution in our environment. Above the highway in Los Angeles Drone zooming out on famous Judge Pregerson road intersection in Los Angeles, USA with traffic on multiple flyovers. Atlanta Aerial v352 Flying over downtown area sunny cityscape 11/17 Urban aerial drone time lapse in motion or hyperlapse at night flying along an interstate with traffic showing the on and off ramp circles. Cinematic urban aerial time lapse of downtown Los Angeles freeway with traffic Cinematic aerial drone footage of downtown urban Los Angeles with city skyline, freeway and traffic below. POV Road trip on sunny autumn morning, driving through scenic vast grasslands Great Plains in United States. Traveling along the empty interstate highway through serene countryside on beautiful day Los Angeles Aerial v131 Vertical shot looking down over downtown freeways panning. Spectacular aerial view of skyscraper city buildings at night. new york urban lifestyle background Atlanta aerial flying backwards with cityscape sunset view. Urban aerial timelapse of downtown Los Angeles convention center, freeways, highways, interstates with heavy traffic on a sunny blue sky day. 4K aerial of an interstate highway in the Adirondacks mountains, upstate New York, USA Above the road in a desert CLOSE UP: Freight container semi trucks driving from the distribution center storage depot to the busy multiple lane highway over a overpass bridge transporting goods at gorgeous golden light sunrise Tilt Shift Time Lapse of Highway Traffic Downtown Los Angeles Circa March 2013 4K. Aerial view of infinity highway road interchange with busy urban traffic speeding on the road at night. Junction network of transportation in Bangkok, Thailand. taken by drone CLOSE UP LENS FLARE: Semi truck driving and hauling goods on empty highway across the Great Plains in golden morning. Freight delivery truck transporting cargo on interstate freeway at stunning sunset
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