Jeans Stock Video Footage

Portrait of young millennial Asian woman with long hair and backwards baseball cap in pink hoodie and jeans in front of professional mixing boards in studio. Medium shot on 4K RED camera. Pretty smiling curly woman in stylish look confidently walks down the street, touches her trendy rose sunglasses, touches hair bright sunlight. Joy of life, active lifestyle, fashion blogger, catwalk A funny bearded man is riding a children's bicycle. A funny bearded man is riding a children's bicycle. Close up of Smiling ginger woman in denim shirt keep secret and looking at the camera over yellow background Charming young woman with a magnificent golden hair, big blue eyes, gorgeous red lipstick and stylish look. Attractive young lady is rushing in the city-center, she turns to camera and smiles. Smiling ginger woman in denim shirt puts on her hat and looking at camera over yellow background Close up of student in jean jacket writing in her notebook while in class One guy holding in arms electronics gadget with greenscreen touchpad, scrolling and tapping on the knee close up. Human sit and use handheld cellphone in airport lounge zone. Relax mood in internet Woman use of smart phone with green screen, chroma key Beutiful and soft pink pastel lighning at winter time. Following camera with close up on skater legs, skating his longboard in city street into sunset Woman in red t-shirt, jeans and sneakers walking on a Green Screen, Chroma Key. Happy couple hanging picture on the wall at home Beautiful woman folded arms while posing in jeans shorts and white T-shirt Sewing denim jeans with sewing machine. Repair jeans by sewing machine. Alteration jeans, hemming a pair of jeans, handmade garment industrial concept Gorgeous young woman with beautiful blue eyes and golden long hair, with a bright red lipstick. Attractive young lady is walking down the city street, turns to camera and gives a lovely playful smile. Woman walks barefoot along beach as sun sets in the distance and palm trees blow in the wind Young woman shows her weight loss and wearing her old jeans at home in light bedroom. A slim girl in too big jeans showing how she was losing weight when she started eating healthy food slow motion Young 20s guy using tablet with touching screen for internet surfing on-line and e-mail reading. Modern device or ipad with big monitor. Corporate office or comfortable wi-fi lounge at home indoors Girl looking at her phone Low shot of three girls that are walking through a clothing store in colorful garments. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
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