Latina Stock Video Footage

Multirace interracial mexican theme party concept - attractive turkish latina european people dancing on the city street, lens flare sun shining A lot of pictures in cyberspace. Brazilian women "Baiana" dancing in Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil Young Afro Brazilian woman smiling for a selfie Portait of young latina doctor using laptop computer while talking with senior patient inside clinic. Close up of middle aged patient discussing with young female doctor health issues Closeup Of Carefree Teen Girls Making Funny Faces And Smiling For Selfies (4K) Hardworking Latina student studies for a class in her school library. Hispanic girl in college finishes up some homework for her class in a local library. 4k Woman Walking Along Suspension Bridge Alone in Picturesque Green Forest Setting. Lynn Canyon Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Surround by Rich Green Trees. Portrait of happy old woman with eyeglasses smiling and looking at camera. Indoor shot. Close up. Concepts on blackboard at school. Young people, students and pupils in classroom. Smart hispanic girl writing math formula on board during lesson. Portrait of female child smiling, looking at camera
Friend in the back seat of a car holding cellphone holding cellphones. Candid girlfriends together checking smartphones while riding taxi cab Closeup headshot of confident smiling happy pretty young woman, isolated background of blurred trees. Positive human emotion facial expression feelings, attitude, perception Tired business woman working in office meeting room during conference. Busy latina girl with headache at work. Ill latina businesswoman with flu in corporate room. Health problem, anxiety and pain Slow Motion Closeup Shot Of Friends Dancing And Then Looking At Smart Phone Screen Downtown At Night Cows herding and running on green field in spring. At Argentina, Latina America. 
4K Aerial Drone Flying
Women meeting and hugging on the park, slow motion Closeup face of Native Brazilian children at an indigenous tribe in the Amazon Medium panning shot of people dancing in exercise class / Orem, Utah, United States Talking with Mobile - Blogging Concept Teen Waves Her Hand In The Wind In A Convertible Happy Hispanic Teen Girl Rides In The Back Of Convertible, Raises Arm in The Air
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