League Stock Video Footage

Three soccer players entering soccer field on the professional stadium. They are exiting the shadow. Sunny weather. Animated crowd. Green grass playground and stadium full of spectators and shining spotlights. Sport event as looped 4k video background. Sport stadium video background with asphalt surface playground, flashing lights and cheering crowd. Glowing stadium lights in 4k loop animation. Entrance tunnel leading to illuminated universal stadium with green grass and full of fans. Glowing stadium lights in 4k video background. Paris, France; September 3rd, 2017: League of Legends Final tournament. Excited gamers using thundersticks to encourage their teams. Travelling shot and slow motion. Lighting the empty grass playground before the game in the stadium full of fans, sport 4K professional background animation loop Soccer Football Championship Match: Blue Team Players with Forward Leading and Scoring Perfect Goal, Happy Players Celebrate Victory, Hug Striker. Sport Channel, Television Broadcast, Playback American Football Field Two Teams Play: Successful Player Jumping Over Defense Running to Score Touchdown Points. Professional Athletes Compete for the Ball, Fight for Victory. Dramatic Slow Motion Super slow motion of falling soccer ball on lawn. Speed ramp effect. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps. London, ENG, July 2022: Close-up of the Premier League flag waving. Premier League is the top level of the English football league system. Fabric textured background. Illustrative editorial London  UK 03.14.2023. 3D Render of the Champions Leauge Trophy. Coupe Des Clubs Champions Européens. Champions Leauge Cup. 4K Soccer player performs a corner kick. His teammate receives pass, hits the ball with his head and scores a goal. He runs happily and performs 360 turn in a jump celebrating. Stadium is 3d made. Aerial Establishing Shot of a Whole Stadium with Soccer Championship Match. Teams Play, Crowds of Fans Cheer. Football Tournament, Cup Broadcast. Sport Channel Television Playback, Screen Content Soccer Football Championship: Blue Team Forward Attacks and Scores Goal, Win the Match, Players Celebrate Victory, Win Major League Cup. Sport Channel Broadcast Television Playback. Tracking Pan Shot Soccer Football Championship Stadium with Crowd of Fans: Blue Team Attacks, Scores Goal, Players Celebrate Victory, Winners of Tournament. Sport Channel Broadcast Television Playback. High Angle Wide Ukraine, Kharkov, November 10, 2019. Metalist Stadium, Football stadium from a height of 4k video from a drone.DJI Mavic 2 Pro Sports Video background with a stadium full of fans, grass pitch and with spotlights on. Sport building 4k loop animation. Close up of a soccer player receiving a pass and shooting the ball towards the goal on a soccer field. Soccer players are wearing unbranded sports clothes. 4k slow motion video. Esports / eSports - hand on Computer mouse Playing video games. Madrid, Spain; September 9th, 2018. League of Legends Final. Full stadium singing caster and presenter Ibai Llanos name. Aesthetic Shot Of Athletic Caucasian Footballer Shooting A Penalty Kick On Stadium With Crowd Cheering. International Soccer Championship Final Match With Fans On Tribune. Super Slow Motion.
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