Leather Stock Video Footage

Soccer ball flies into the net on a stadium with yellow and blue lights. In slow motion. Close-up (4k, 3840x2160, ultra high definition) Man tying patent leather shoes. / Man tying patent leather shoes formal and festive dressing. Slow motion. Close up Set of 3 Videos. Beautiful Basketball Ball Rotating in Slow Motion on Green Screen. Looped Basketball 3d Animation of Spinning Ball. 4k UHD 3840x2160. Handmade leather making. Close up leatherworker hands cutting out leather sketch. Leather pattern cutting on table in workshop. Male hands cutting skin with stencil knife. Exclusive manufacturing Close crop of businessman feet walking in city. Man commuting to work. Steadicam shot in slow motion with warm natural light on sidewalk EXTREME CU Caucasian ice hockey player tightening laces on his skates in the locker room, preparing for the game. 4K UHD 60 FPS RAW edited footage 3D animation seamless loop of soccer ball rotating 360. On green screen for easy keying. Use for your advertising or social media posts.  SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Detail of vintage leather mountaineering boots. Unrecognizable adventurous female hiker climbing rocky mountains and walking uphill on amazing sunny summer day in European Alps Tailoring shoes leather traditional profession in Tripoli Lebanon. Leather tailoring .50 FPS slow motion Young hipster woman or teenager in brown leather jacket sits on edge of pier or boardwalk with best friend puppy dog and overlooks beautiful lake scenery. Shows best friend nature adventures Beautiful Soccer Slow Motion Concept of the Ball flying into Goal Net. Fans taking pictures with flashes. 3d animation Close up of the Goal Moment. 4k UHD 3840x2160. Money in bank accounts. Credit bank cards are on the table. Cashless payments. Sewing Machine Needle in Motion. Close-up of sewing machine needle rapidly moves up and down. The tailor sews black fabric on the sewing workshop. The process of sewing fabric. Close-up of a man's hand holding Leather Wallet Empty with No Money. The concept of poverty Close crop of businessman feet walking in city. Man commuting to work. Steadicam shot in slow motion with warm natural light on sidewalk Closeup view of craftsman's hands working with a piece of leather on the table Businessman walking up the stairs hastily. In his hand is a brown leather briefcase Brunette Female In Leather Jacket, Taking Off Motorcycle Black Helmet . Biker Girl Taking Off Helmet Sitting On Motorcycle. Close up on beautiful motorcycle woman driver taking off her helmet . Crocodile swim on a lake Walking on concrete : close-up view of man's leather shoes Businesswoman Legs In Black Leather Shoes Walking Up Stairs On Stairway. Sexy Woman near Office after Work. Student girl go to lessons. Slow motion
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