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Flying glowing bonfire embers into night sky Arm hair rising, emotional feeling, 4k Prores HQ Rockport, TX/US - August 26, 2017 [Major Hurricane Harvey making landfall in Rockport, Texas. Hurricane winds, storm surge flooding along the coastal homes. Houses and palms in strong winds and rain.] Realistic lightning strikes.Thunderstorm with flashing lightning. MORE COLOR OPTIONS IN MY PORTFOLIO. Digitally generated animation of beautiful lightening storm in clouds Lightning stormy strike bolt in night horizon, beautiful dark colourful weather, nice dark lightness sky. Timelapse of beautiful thunderstorm with picturesque lightning illuminating the sky with pink and orange colors. Many dramatic lightning flashes on the stormy sky over the night coastal city. Pack of Comic neon light for cg effects. sparkling, zap, explode, claw, thunder, lightning, hit action Explosion gold lights sparkles. Glowing light explodes. Flare in center. 4k Festive golden motion background. Lightning in the sky. Electric discharges in the sky. Clouds Realistic Dry Ice Smoke Storm Atmosphere Fog Overlay (footage Background) for different projects. 
(slow motion) 
You can work with the masks in After Effects and get beautiful results!!! Time-lapse video of an intense rotating supercell thunderstorm, with impressive lightning strikes, dark skies and mesocyclone storm structure. Several lightning strikes over black background. Blue. Electrical Storm. More options in my portfolio. Longest Lightning powerful thunderstorm dark night sky background Lightning Strikes Background 4096X2160 full frame. Thunderbolts Real flashes of lightning. 4k View amazing lightning strikes on night Digital blue color wave particles and light with bokeh, Cyberspace, and technology digital connection abstract background concept. A Supercell Advances Across Tornado Alley Lightning Storm Over City Skyline 4K Timelapse. Time lapse clouds, rolling puffy mass are moving, white lightnes day time. Ultra HD sunny running across the blue sky. 4k background. SLOW MOTION: Night sky above the city skyline during a thunderstorm, with the whole sky being lit by a lightning and branching lightning bolt. Sequence of multiple clips. Planet Earth at night and day from the space. Time lapse of the rotation and city lights. Space exploration. Real Thunder Lightning in Storm Clouds 4K Overlay shooted on dark background. You can use masks in any editing or animation program and get beutiful results. (Slow motion 150fps-Red Epic camera shoot)
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