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Aerial view flying over row of palm trees in Hollywood, revealing city of Los Angeles cityscape skyline at sunset. 4K UHD. Sunrise over city, closeup on modern downtown Los Angeles skyline buildings silhouettes. 4K UHD timelapse. Above the highway in Los Angeles Successful young business man looks across Los Angeles from Downtown office window.  Medium close up with sunrise sky and some sunlight flare, dolly shot originally recorded in 4K Aerial view of city of Los Angeles downtown skyline at sunset. Camera flying forward. 4K UHD. Beautiful sunset to night transition over city of Los Angeles downtown skyline with palm trees in foreground. 4K UHD timelapse. Night Aerial shot of Downtown LA / Business City View / Los Angeles, California / 07.07.2017 Sunrise. Los Angeles city skyline. Timelapse. Los Angeles city changing from day to night. Timelapse. Connected aerial view of the Financial District in Downtown Los Angeles, California.  Sunset. Famous skyscrapers and freeway full of cars. Futuristic. Technology. Shot from helicopter.
Los Angeles Aerial v131 Vertical shot looking down over downtown freeways panning. Cinematic aerial drone footage of downtown urban Los Angeles with city skyline, freeway and traffic below. Fireworks display over city of Los Angeles downtown skyline at night. 4K UHD. Aerial Drone of Downtown Los Angeles Skyline 4K Epic helicopter wide shot point of view AERIAL view of skyscrapers in the city and surrounding neighborhood communities in downtown Los Angeles, United States Aerial view of traffic on freeway interchange in downtown Los Angeles skyline at night. 4K UHD timelapse Aerial view of city of Los Angeles cityscape and palm trees at sunset. 4K UHD. Cinematic urban aerial hyperlapse of downtown Los Angeles freeways and traffic with city skyline and skyscrapers at sunset with deep blue and orange colors. Night Aerial, drone shot Downtown Los Angeles  / Los Angeles / 03.20.2017 Handsome African American man looks past his reflection in window overlooking the Downtown Los Angeles skyline.  Big close up, recorded in slow motion at 60fps. Above the highway in Los Angeles
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