Mad Stock Video Footage

Close up of a young stressed redheaded girl shouting isolated over blue background Angry furious female office worker throwing crumpled paper, having nervous breakdown at work, screaming in anger, stress management, mental distress problems, losing temper, reaction on failure Concert crowd applause concert stage and concert hall. Crowd singing artist cheering, rock music, pop music, slow music, rap music scene shows. Serial 1-19 Young woman screaming and crying desperate closeup slow motion Angry annoyed young business man holding using texting on smartphone frustrated by stuck broken phone missed call bad service, stressed mad male customer outraged having problem complain on cellphone The man screams on a black background in low key, in slow motion, anger emotions Rampage, frenzy, bloodthirsty emotion feel disco bloody party weird dance concept. Underground culture lifestyle. Formless young cool shaman female moves with strange magical flame red luminescence. Mad boss yelling at employees with a megaphone Annoyed angry businessman troubled with sudden computer failure, stressed man having problem with broken pc using laptop, pressing keys on hanging device, leaving workplace unable to fix gadget Angry boss beats his fist on the table. Threat of violence. The boss shows aggression. Stressed senior middle aged businesswoman annoyed using stuck laptop, angry mature old lady mad about computer problem frustrated with data loss, online mistake, software error or system failure Urban street city electricity lights. abstract background texture. Young irritated woman trying to sleep annoyed by bad noisy room neighbors covering ears with pillow, angry girl student disturbed with loud noise problem wake up lying in bed suffer from insomnia Stressed unmotivated man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job A woman gets very angry and annoyed after receiving message on her portative computer. She lies on the bed home Close up mouth of Angry Man screaming. Danger Violence Curious young cute crazy black white Holstein cow on concrete path smelling and licking camera on green grass field sunny crisp blue sky background dairy cattle moving head fast up and down summer 4k Little girl in the kitchen with her mother. Mom gives the daughter broccoli. The girl resolutely repels the vegetables with her hand. The baby is very angry and does not want to eat. Angry man with smartphone standing close to the street in the city
Attack terrible monsters, blood-chilling nightmare about zombie invasion. Frightening shadows behind transparent wall, demonic silhouettes, underworld creatures. Make-up people halloween performance
Concert crowd music audience rock performance social people clapping huge party raising hands heart partying madness arena colorful Flood neon giant nights club jumping hall waving silhouettes dance
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