Man Giving Thumbs Success Stock Video Footage

A handsome millennial small business owner smiles and gives a thumbs up in his retail bike shop Hand giving thumbs up white background - Thumb up hand sign isolated on a white background Happy handsome millennial man in 30s giving two thumbs up and smiling outdoors Business man giving thumbs up success hand sign. Happy smiling casual businessman walking into focus smiling happy and successful at night on La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain. Young casual professional man Smiling man giving thumbs up positive gesture Right hand giving thumb up isolated on green background. Good symbol. Alpha channel, keyed green screen. transparent background. 4K Strong Hand giving thumbs up, white male hand gesture, Well done sign, isolated on background Happy man shows thumb up, joyful man smiling to the camera. Cheerful brunette guy, successful guy giving thumb up successful thumb up yes ok concept caucasian adult man model on the blue background A close-up of a black man, dressed for graduation. He turns to camera and gives a thumbs-up of excitement. Happy doctor nods his head approvingly and shows thumb up. Man in a medical mask looks straight ahead and gives approval Winner. Success. Brunette young man in business wear on office building background smiles to camera and gives thumbs up. Happy guy showing gesture of approval. 4k Excited man clapping hands and giving thumbs up Old man with two thumbs up. Happy senior man giving two thumbs up, isolated on white background. Human facial expressions and body langauge. Happy attractive young guy turns around, waving and showing thumbs up gesture isolated over yellow background Happy grandfather with two thumbs up. Cheerful eldery man giving thumbs up sign on grey background. Gesture of success and happiness. Happy crazy man giving thumbs up sign Man giving thumbs up success hand sign smiling happy with beard outside. Handsome young bearded man outdoors looking at camera. Urban male hipster in his late 20s. RED EPIC 90 FPS. Face of happy young bearded Indian Sikh man thinking and giving thumbs up Middle aged singer in earphones singing in microphone standing in booth in sound recording studio. Young female sound producer recording his song and giving him thumbs up, tracking medium shot Cheerful mature man showing thumb up. Elderly man in sweater giving thumb up and looking at camera, chroma key background. Triathlon biking - male triathlete cycling giving thumbs up success hand sign cheering happy excited at camera. Fit man cyclist on professional triathlon bicycle for ironman race. Big Island, Hawaii.
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