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Young professional boxer boxing speed punching bag . Side view of young boxer practicing hand speed drill in slow motion using small punching bag in boxing gym .  Sportsman boxing in smoky studio . Boxing great punch, boxer punching hook to the jaw, in super slow motion, highly detailed realistic 3d animation Boxer great punch, boxer punching hook to the jaw, in super slow motion, highly detailed realistic 3d animation A funny ugly man trying to squash a fly with a swatter, but ending up hitting himself on the head. Red background.
A motivated muay thai sportsman walking towards sparring ring, ready for a fight - martial arts, way to success concept 4k footage Guy jumping from rope swing hitting the water face first Professional two boxers are fighting, a punch to the face with a boxing glove, a technique of striking, a stand, protection and endurance. The concept: love of sport, young boxers, love of victory UFA RUSSIA - 05.09.2021: Match on a horse in a polo club. Two riders riders make a hit on a white ball on green grass. Players hit the ball a wooden stick to polo. Luxury game, slow motion. Great MMA punch, fighter being punched in the jaw in slow motion, highly detailed 3d animation Young caucasian man hit himself on the face. Studio shot A funny ugly man receives a whipped cream pie in the face while waiting for something else. Classical slapstick comedy gag.
Aggressive male partner bullies his wife. Poor girl covers her face with her hands. Man waves his fist. alcoholic aggression in family. Family aggression of man over woman wife. Fist menace to a woman Portrait of an Injured Young Male Patient with Blood Bruising on His Face. Injured Man with a Beard Looking at Camera while Lying on a Hospital Stretcher. Paramedic in Gloves Checks Up on Him. Women's hand beats the face. Slap in the face. Slow motion Contractor wrecks wall with sledgehammer making hole for rearrangement. Man doing manual dismantling and demolition works with big hammer hits for apartment renovation. Construction worker in uniform. Strike the fish in the face in slow motion Tired man who has just woken looks at its reflection in the mirror, yawns and hits themselves on cheeks, to wake up. Man in paintball mask getting hit with paintball in face in slow motion - filmed with high speed camera Portrait of tough Caucasian boxer taking a punch to the face in slow motion Displeased young man man showing facepalm gesture, orange background Male boxer punching to camera. Silhouette of young boxer practicing boxing punches looking at camera in dark smoky gym. Close-up in 4K, UHD
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