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Professional two boxers are fighting, a punch to the face with a boxing glove, a technique of striking, a stand, protection and endurance. The concept: love of sport, young boxers, love of victory Guy jumping from rope swing hitting the water face first Portrait of serious young man in glasses who start laughting on camera on living room background. Close up. A funny ugly man trying to squash a fly with a swatter, but ending up hitting himself on the head. Red background.
Water splashed in young happy man's face while man traveling on cruise ship in slow motion. 3840x2160 Man wakes up hits his alarm clock Strike the fish in the face in slow motion Tired man who has just woken looks at its reflection in the mirror, yawns and hits themselves on cheeks, to wake up. Portrait of tough Caucasian boxer taking a punch to the face in slow motion 1950s: DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA: fin whale at bow of ship. Man stands by gun. Man fires gun and harpoon. Man cheers and takes off hat. Harpoon hits whale Close up of the attractive man's face with a beard and dark eyes looking in the sky with deep thoughts and turning his head with drops of sweat to the camera with a shrewd look. Motivation for Angry woman is arguing with her man and slaps him: jealousy, resentment Couple quarreling in autumn forest park 4k video. Young angry overweight woman hits with flower in man face and goes away. Fail romance date. Love story concept A young man whispers something in the ear of the woman. The woman insulted and slaps him Lens distorted scene: a zombie lurking behind a frosted glass door and attacking the viewer. Horror Halloween themed shot.
Young people playing Tennis During discussion woman hits her man with a slap: furious, desperate Couples fight: angry woman hitting a man in the face with a slap: jealousy Young people playing Tennis Man blowing bubbles and then hit in the face A funny ugly man trying to kill a fly with a swatter, but ending up hitting himself on the face. Red background.
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