Mandatory Stock Video Footage

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 2020: Slow motion of people wearing face masks walking through busy shopping street in Amsterdam, coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic in Europe PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 2020: Covid-19 coronavirus global pandemic. Commuting railway passengers wearing protective face masks walk through busy corridor in metro system of Paris, public transport Filling syringe with mandatory vaccinations. A blue, gloved hand inserts the needle of the injection device into the rubber stopper of the vaccine vial and draws in the immunization. GHENT, BELGIUM – AUGUST 2020: Crowds of people wear compulsory face masks in downtown Ghent shopping street, Covid-19 coronavirus in Belgium Mandatory Face Masks and Shields in a Coffee Shop During Coronavirus Pandemic. Female Customer Pays for Coffee and Pastry with Contactless NFC Payment Technology on Smartphone to a Barista in Cafe. SCHIPHOL, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 2020: Sign informs air travel passengers that face masks are required during check-in procedure at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, Covid-19 coronavirus Singapore / August 31, 2020: People wearing face masks at busy pedestrian crossing, Orchard Road. Sea Pollution by Plastic. Pieces Of Plastic Foil Floating Underwater Close To The Surface Security Guard at Mall Holding QR Code Which People Have to Scan With Smartphone for Contact Tracing Measures Against Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Bangkok, Thailand - May 2020 Mandatory measurement of a fever non-contact thermometer gun of all office workers. Happy woman with normal body temperature. Infrared portable device needed during an epidemic. Female shop owner wearing a face mask posts a notice on the glass door entrance requiring face mask for entry Video call manager from oil gas production platform. Engineer move indicates mandatory wearing protective equipment person. Social distance in performance of work duties. After quarantine COVID-19. Plastic Pollution Underwater. Red Plastic Shopping Bag Floating Underwater In The Mediterranean Sea Closeup shot of a young man in mandatory quarantine. He stays in one room for two weeks. He lay on a bed and looks at the phone. He did not shave for a long time, he is stressed and upset. Staying in New york City, USA - Nov 28, 2020: Grand Central 42nd street subway station interior. Train arriving. People boarding and leaving train. Filmed during coronavirus pandemic, face masks were mandatory. Closeup of a doctor filling a syringe with vaccines. Needle of the immunization device punctures the rubber seal of the glass vial, drawing in the medicine. Female doctor or nurse is preparing to receive patients during an epidemic. She puts on a medical mask, goggles, a disposable cap. AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - JUNE 2020: Airline passengers wear protective face masks inside KLM airplane due to Covid-19 coronavirus regulation, international air travel during pandemic A bodybuilder with a tattoo makes a pose with a double bicep in front. The athlete with a beard performs a mandatory classic element of posing in bodybuilding. The arms and legs are tense. Essential Definition Plastic Syringe falling in slow motion in front of glass vaccine bottles. Mandatory vaccinations are currently a hotly debated topic with the anti-vaxx movement believing vaccines cause autism.
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