Mannequin Stock Video Footage

Portrait of pretty girl clothes designer smiling standing in modern workshop alone looking at camera. Beautiful successful people and workplace concept. Zoom Out of a Female Fashion Designer Looking at Drawings and Sketches that are Pinned to the Wall Behind Her Desk. Studio is Sunny. Personal Computer, Colorful Fabrics, Sewing Items are Visible. Young talented designer sketching out his new fashion collection, while sitting in a cozy, light studio. House plants, fashion sketches, mannequin on the background. Male portrait, slow motion Fashion Designer draping a mannequin. Small business creative at work. Diversity and authentic artisan. Shot in 4k and in slow-motion. Close-up: a hanger for clothing. Clothes hangers. Designer clothing collection. Designer with a ready collection. Sunlight between hangers for clothes. Solar Design Studio. Atelier, bathed sunlight. Portrait of happy young lady fashion designer smiling standing in workshop alone looking at camera. Small business owner and successful youth concept. Slow motion close up of handsome businesman trying a new high quality tailor made suit and first ties a tie in atelier. A young Asian woman working in a clothing store. A fashion designer makes outlines on paper. Scary shot of a spooky mannequin head. Slow motion of tailor taking a measures  for a new handmade great quality suit  in atelier. Clothing designer is working with measurements mannequins in the sewing studio. Sewing clothing under the order. Young woman works in a sewing workshop. Female designer in studio Amazing mannequin with afro wig and sunglasses with led pattern on them. very 1980s retro. not a real model, this is a mannequin head Tracking rear shot of slim young woman in white jeans and blazer with plenty of shopping bags walking through mall and entering brightly lit clothing chain store with mannequins on display 3d cartoon character hairy beast dancing over white background, person wearing furry costume, funny mascot looping animation, modern minimal seamless motion design Portrait of independent young woman clothes designer standing in studio with arms crossed looking at camera. Successful youth and small business concept. Charmed women taking selfie after shopping. Girls smiling. They posing for photos, taking their hands on hair, face and glasses. Have many colorful shopping bags. Asian female fashion designer working in her office, drawing sketches on graphics tablet while dialing or recording voice message for customer - fashion concept 4k footage Hipster female fashion designer working with clothes on mannequin in her office, picking the best option for her customers - fashion, small business concept 4k footage Amazing mannequin with sunglasses with laser lights over. very 1980s retro. not a real model, this is a mannequin head Zoom In On a Wall with Pinned Fashion Drawings and Sketches, Templates Hanging on the Wall. Shot on RED EPIC 4K (UHD). Elegant female mannequins near stairs in a fashion shop showcase
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