Masons Stock Video Footage

Against the sun portrait of construction worker in helmet with shovel standing near the sand pile. Builder looking at camera and smiling at construction site, slow motion. Female woodworker carves wood piece in well lit workshop during the day. Long to medium shot with soft lighting Zero waste home and eco bag. Eco Shopping. Reusable grocery bags with fruits and vegetables on the kitchen on wooden table. Slow motion Black male volunteer worker lays brick into wall with cement using trowel Confident people working in construction site. Portrait of happy hispanic man at work in new house inside apartment building. Professional latino worker using ladder and smiling at camera. Slow motion Construction worker or mason laying bricks and creating walls. Bricklayer laying bricks to make a wall. Building a cement block wall for a house. Cheerful young woman uses her smartphone for taking photos of the fruits, vegetables, mason jars lying on a kitchen table. Instagram, social networks, addiction. Blogging, browsing the internet Zero waste home. Eco Shopping. Mason jars and reusable grocery bags on the kitchen Close shot at the bricklayer's hands, the builder puts the bricks, using a stretched string for an even level of masonry materials Girl drinking lemonade. Close-up shut of Bricklayer working on a blue sky background Building brick block wall on construction plant - Mason brick walls were formed by mixing cement trowel to scoop sand and water until a homogeneous poured onto bricks to help the adhesion and strength The Builder-bricklayer is laying bricks on cement mortar Mortar ingredients mixed in bucket for construction. plaster concrete cement sand drill Bricklayer finishes brick row, fills last gap in brickwork, distributes mortar, takes out brick, stacks it, adjusts it with trowel according to level, removes excess mortar, construction site Construction worker and new house, caucasian man working with safety helmet and using digital tablet pc for data entry. Part 7 of 8 People working in construction site. Men at work in new house inside apartment building. Team of professional workers using tools and equipment Work lays bricks on a construction site Zero waste lifestyle. A reusable water bottle, a couple grocery totes, a few cloth bags and reusable jars and bottles Attentive man serving breakfast to woman in bed Spatula and bucket with mortar on the construction site. the builder finishes the surface with plaster. 4k.
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