Mechanic Stock Video Footage

Engineer Plan of Manufacture Work. Caucasian Business People in Hard Hat or Safety Wear. Confident Older Contractor or Attractive Mechanic of Machine Inspection for Machinery Tool Job Close-up Indoors Following Shot of Professional Factory Worker Wearing Hard Hat Holds Tablet Computer, Walking Thorugh Modern Industrial Manufacturing Facility In a Computer Science Class Boy Wearing Virtual Reality Headset Works in Interactive 3D Environment. Mechanical Modeling Project of Connecting Gears with Augmented Reality Software. 4K UHD. Animation with warehouse drone scanning QR codes on the cardboard boxes in a metal shelf.  Fully automatic unmanned system of cargo distribution. Computer coordinated efficient logistic process. 4K.
Auto mechanic working underneath car lifting machine at the garage. Auto repair shop, Car service, repair.    Concept of: Visualization Of Futuristic Airplane Engine Maintenance Conducted by Engineer Holding Tablet Computer. Animation of Digitalization of Analytics Checking Optimal Functioning of the Plane. Follow footage of factory worker in a hard hat that is walking through industrial facilities. Shot on RED Cinema Camera. Professional bearded car mechanic screwing details of car with special tool on lifted automobile at repair service station close up. Skillful man in uniform fixing car. Car service, repair maintenance 3D Rendering jet engine, close-up view jet engine blades. 4k animation Auto mechanic working on car engine in mechanics garage. Repair service. authentic close-up shot (Shot on RED) Young Capable Architectural Engineer Working Late Hours in His Office. Office is Dark Only His Table Light is On. Various Plans and Blueprints Lying on the Table. He Writes Down His Calculations. Car mechanic replacing car wheel brake shoes of lifted automobile at repair service station Concept of: In Hangar Engineer Holding Tablet Computer Standing On a Ramp Near Airplane Conducts Digitilized Maintenance Analysis. Animated Close up detail of running clock or watch machinnery on a bluebackground. Copy space available and suitable for time concepts as time goes by, Daylight saving time or growing old. Car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - mechanic man with lamp working at workshop Team of Aircraft Mechanics and Engineers Waking Through Airplane Maintenance, Design and Development Facility. Professionals Holding Repair Tools and Equipment Blonde woman mechanic repair motorcycle in a motorcycle workshop. She is screwing or unscrewing a part of the motorcycle. Small business, gritty woman, woman at work concept. Factory worker is programming a CNC milling machine with a tablet computer. Shot on RED Cinema Camera. Engineer in Hard Hat is Walking Through Factory. Back View. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Futuristic robotic cyborg arm in action. Real robotic prosthesis. Factory worker in blue uniform is putting his hard hat and goggles on while walking. Shot on RED Cinema Camera.
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