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Technician is checking server wires in data centre using professional tablet Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service. Housekeeper feeling shocked by room view after bachelor event, chaos and dirt washing, exhausted overworked wife, cleaner
Timelapse of asian woman with pet set up room for work from home in quarantine social distance work remotely concept. New home office setup, cleaning, housework in new normal or next normal asia life. Close-up of child's hand playing with wooden blocks on the white floor mat at home. 2 years old little toddler baby girl. Collapses when trying to stack high. Messy building blocks background Rays sun make their way through the curtains of the window. reflection of curtains moving from the wind on crumpled bedding The girl is trying to get the dress out of the closet. All the clothes fall on top of her. Wardrobe mess, 4k video. Pug dog made a home mess, left alone, nibbled the sofa. Without the owner. Guilty funny face. Bad Dog Behavior. Damage, spoiled furniture. Scattered things around the apartment. Gnawed, chewed stuff Zoom out view of bearded man with hangover touching face and spitting out confetti while sitting on sofa in messy living room after party Messy living room after a kid's party Glass of wine smashing on floor slow motion. Breaking wine glass. Broken wine glass Messy living room after a kid's party with toys all around the room Mischievous kid drawing scribble on the glass window with crayon in the asian father working background. Remote work in the messy room. Busy childcare and parenting Busy house owner has no time to clean up her room. Is is really a disaster. Mom and two children are dancing in the children's room among the scattered toys. A mess in the children's room. Children among scattered toys Effects of a strong earthquake indoors. Walls and communications were destroyed. Guilty dog on the floor next to an overturned flower Vintage rummage filled garage dolly out shot.  Object brand names and logos were covered.  Dolly shot of big empty office with large windows and many laptop computers and papers on tables, shot in daytime, camera moving forwards Dolly across cluttered desk in messy office with piles of files. Happy curly haired girl dancing in kitchen wildly hair bouncing wearing pajamas at home having wild fun listening to music Messy white bedroom and can see sunshine though the big window screen
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