Michael Stock Video Footage

Hurricane Michael Rips Roof off House Hurricane Florence Eyewall Winds Silhouette of a dancer that resembles Michael Jackson. Athletic man dancing in the style of popping. Depiction of flooding / mudslide. Suitable for showing the devastation wrought after massive natural disasters, hurricanes and landslides. Hurricane Florence Eyewall In Wilmington NC Panama City, FL/US - October 10, 2018 [Hurricane Michael making landfall in Panama City, Florida. Extreme winds, storm surge and severe aftermath 
 hurricane damage from a category 4 storm.] Depiction of flooding after a hurricane. Suitable for showing the devastation wrought after storms like Hurricane Irma, Harvey and Maria make landfall. 4K UHD. CIRCA 1969 - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins get in their spacesuits in preparation for the launch of Apollo 11 at Cape Kennedy. Satellite view of a large hurricane / typhoon with a well defined eye. (Elements furnished by NASA) TORONTO, ONTARIO/CANADA - 24th March Thursday 2016: Black Lives Matter Toronto protesters chants “ Black Lives Matter “ in Toronto,Canada.

Flying out of the Helix Nebula Hurricane Michael Extreme Wind Closeup view of a hurricane / typhoon eye. (Elements furnished by NASA) CIRCA 1969 - Spectators watch the Apollo 11's triumphant launch. Descent into the well defined eye of a large typhoon / hurricane as it churns in the ocean. (Elements furnished by NASA) Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall Hurricane Florence Eyewall In Wilmington NC Inside a flooded home gutted and drying out after Hurricane Harvey brought in 4 feet of water An aerial view over Val Susa, Turin, Sacra of San Michele, a medioeval building in nort of Italy, Saint Michael's Abbey, a church on the top of a mountain, alps, flying around The aftermath Hurricane Harvey left on a neighborhood near Houston Texas CIRCA 1969 - Apollo 11's lunar module closes in on the moon.
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