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Boyfriend and Girlfriend Watching Epic War Movie on TV while Sitting on a Couch at Home in the Evening. Back View Shot. Back view soldier in uniform walk with daughters. Military man in camoubackgrounde walking holding hands of his little daughters. Happy american patriots family looking at camera, social insurance for veterans Family runs out to greet soldier Older man walking through cemetery holding US flag Soldier man and his children looking at camera outdoor Adult man wearing military uniform embracing daughter and relaxing in summer garden before leaving to army in backyard Tracking of middle-eastern woman in burqa carrying groceries and walking through street with abandoned building while her children running and playing; soldiers with firearms patrolling in background Soldier making a call CIRCA 2010s - Soldiers return from deployment overseas to reunite with their families. Young woman and baby say goodbye to soldier Young African American woman running to the front door and welcoming home her soldier husband Soldier walking on lawn to wife with children and making surprise when coming back home after army PAN of soldiers in military camouflage carrying firearms and patrolling dirty street, then male refugees and female Muslim woman with children walking towards abandoned building with broken windows Mother and baby video chat with military father CIRCA 1980 - US Marines serve birthday cake to a young Cuban refugee and his family, who have just arrived in Key West. Soldier reunited with her son on a sunny day Soldier comes home greeting wife and baby Two daughters coming to daddy and hugging. Kids running into soldiers arms and embracing. As servicemen and civilians celebrate V Day, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin has his troops march and move into other areas, in the post-World War 2 era. Happy mother and daughter running to the father, front view. Father came back home from the military mission. Back side view soldier in camo
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