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Soldiers marching at military funeral, Arlington National Cemetery in slow motion Clip of the American flag at Military Memorial Cemetery, Veterans Day Arlington Cemetery - 2 Memorial Day Flags in Cemetery Family visiting grave of fallen solider CIRCA 1963 - Street-level views show JFK's funeral procession, including his horse-drawn casket. CIRCA 1963 - Aerial views show JFK's funeral procession from the Capitol Building, including his horse-drawn casket. CIRCA 2018 - a formal military funeral for a dead US soldier at Arlington National cemetery. Memorial Day Veteran's Cemetery with flags UNITED STATES 1960s: Richard Nixon standing with Charles de Gaulle, pan to car / Nixon and de Gaulle shake hands, de Gaulle enters car. WASHINGTON, DC - CIRCA JUN 2015: Arlington National Cemetery Honor Guard Honor Tomb Unknown Soldier 4K. Soldiers from 3rd Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard. Over 400,000 graves. 7,000 funerals a year. AVAI, BRAZIL. 19th APRIL 2015: Terena Indians dancing to celebrate the indian day. Terena is a brazilian indigenous tribe. In the last Brazil census, 817,000 classified themselves as indigenous. 2018 - A military band leads off a processional honoring U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Mihail Golin before he is laid to rest at Arlington. Military Cemetery Aerial Flyover CIRCA 2010s - A military funeral process passes along a road. American flag and candle burning. Military graveyard CIRCA 1930s - The funeral of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey in 1938. Crane/Dolly Shot Rising Military Cemetery CIRCA 1920s - Kings of Italy, Sweden attend funeral for Queen Victoria of Baden in the 1920s. An American flag flies over the grave of a soldier in a cemetery. Flowers adorn all the graves.
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