Military Helicopter Stock Video Footage

Missile hits the terrorist base, view from the drone. video quality is degraded specifically for more realism. 3d animation Aircraft carrier crossing the ocean Military helicopter Helicopter launched anti missile flares in a slow motion scene. Stealth evasive maneuvers CIRCA 2010s - Napalm is dropped on villages during the Vietnam War causing massive fireballs and destruction. Shadow or Silhouette of Helicopter flying along Beach. Great for abstracts, war, transport, beach patrol or scene changer The missile hits the car, view from the drone. realistic 3d animation Flood Water Rescue Aid Helicopter Hurricane Barricade. Military helicopter dropping anti flood barricade sandbags into water. Military Helicopter of Russia Military, Special operation soldiers jumping from helicopter Huey helicopter lands in the desert, slow motion. Military rescue helicopter landing at Aladaglar National Park in Nigde, Turkey. Aerial Indiana Indianapolis September 2016 4K Military helicopter Military helicopters at sunrise Drone flying in the sky, view from the bottom up Drone with a Camera Flying. Background is Green Screen. Shot on RED Cinema Camera 4K (UHD). US soldier in helmet and combat armor sits in open doorway of military helicopter flying over desert in middle east 4k / Ultra HD version Aerial view of American Military Base. Barracks on desert base. Shot on RED Epic Military helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk realistic 3d animation green screen footage Tail Gunner Sits in Open Doorway of Helicopter over Afghanistan  while U.S. Flags Wave in the Breeze
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