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Military man returns to his wife after deployment overseas. Shot in Murietta, California in November of 2013. Family runs out to greet soldier Adult man wearing military uniform embracing daughter and relaxing in summer garden before leaving to army in backyard Soldier making a call Army soldier walking confident in sunset scene - force diagonal shot Army soldier walking confident in sunset scene CIRCA 2010s - Soldiers return from deployment overseas to reunite with their families. Soldier walking on lawn to wife with children and making surprise when coming back home after army Soldier comes home greeting wife and baby Graded shot of army soldier walking through ruins Portrait of American military family Army soldier returning home to the embrace of his wife Cheerful woman running out of house and embracing military husband back at home excited with happiness Distraught soldier sitting against concrete wall Portrait of American military family Male Soldier Fights Back The Tears, Missing Wife And Family. He Looks Through Letter And Photographs. Homesick And Sad Military Man. Part Of A 4K Army Collection. Portrait of American soldier with family in background Soldier on her phone Romantic reunion. Close up view of beautiful young woman feeling happy while hugging embracing her soldier boyfriend. Turning back home, homecoming, welcomed by wife. happiness Military father returns home to family Portrait of American soldier
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