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Military Surveillance Team of Officers Locked a Target on a Vehicle from a Satellite and Monitor it on a Big Display in Office for Cyber Operations for Managing Security and Army Communications. Military convoy moves frame with aerial Shifting Focus Between Military Surveillance Officers Working in a Central Office Hub for Cyber Operations, Control and Monitoring for Managing National Security, Technology and Army Communications. Bergamo, Italy - March 26, 2020: a convoy  of military trucks transport coffins of deceased people, mostly died from coronavirus covid-19, from the cemetery to a crematorium outside the city CIRCA 1945 - After the US Marines capture Mount Suribachi, supplies are brought onshore for the northward push on Iwo Jima. A military convoy is moving along the road. Aerial view. The missile hits the car, view from the drone. realistic 3d animation CIRCA 1916 - French soldiers march thousands of German POWs - infantrymen and officers - through a French town. CIRCA 1960s - Workers working quickly on a truck assembly in Japan, 1960s Creative artwork decoration. Silhouette of mobile air defence truck with radar antenna during sunset. Satellite dishes or radio antennas against evening sky. Selective focus Tank-T72 on the test site in the desert area overcomes a long line in its path and slowly climbs on the edge picking up a column of dust behind you. The video was filmed by a  military videographer. "SA-22 Greyhound" - Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system carries out the shots at a military training ground during the exercise. Includes audio. Contains audio LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS - AUGUST 27th 2017 Military Truck driving through flooded streets during Hurricane Harvey Humvee stops to talk with soldier before leading convoy out from base in afghanistan 1910s - The U.S. army is formed in1918 during World War One and engages in battle. CIRCA 1950s - Joseph Stalin oversees a May Day military parade in Red Square. Night Vision from Drone with Zoom In, Tracking the Truck Driving on Highway at Night Military soldiers moving through the desert, driving a truck, raising clouds of dust. Air strike on terrorists Mogadishu, Somalia, Circa 2013: Following a truck filled with Somali soldiers, women wearing the traditional hijab and other pedestrians are seen along the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, Circa 2013. Moscow, Russian Federation, 05.07.2021: rehearsal of the parade of military equipment dedicated to the Victory Day 9 may on the central streets of the city
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