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4K. Space Launch System Takes Off. 3D Animation. Ultra High Definition. 3840x2160. 4K smoke explosion, shockwave effect isolated on black background, with alpha, ready for compositing (uhd 3840x2160, ultra high definition, 1920x1080, 1080p) high detailed huge smoke Back view soldier in uniform walk with daughters. Military man in camoubackgrounde walking holding hands of his little daughters. Slow motion of armed soldiers running forward to attack Hud data FRAME display with Alpha.Place it on top of your video add TEXT. ROBOTO or DIGITAL font gives perfect effect.Good for techno news, infographic.Military target.For any techno review. American Flag in Slow Motion. Celebrate USA and 4th of July with video if flag waving wind. Great for History, corporate projects.  Group of Military IT Professionals on Briefing in Monitoring Room on Military Base. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Atomic Bomb Nuke Explosion 4K Very Large Satelite Dishes Telescope Array,China - Space Science. Squad of Fully Equipped and Armed Soldiers Walking in Single File in the Desert. Slow Motion. Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Military Operation in Action, Soldiers Using Military Grade Laptop Targeting Enemy with Satellite. In the Background Camouflaged Tent on the Forest. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. POV shot from the cockpit of a fighter plane - shot of a fighter jet taking off from the ground. Missile hits the terrorist base, view from the drone. video quality is degraded specifically for more realism. 3d animation Squad of Fully Equipped, Armed Soldiers Being Attacked and Bombed During Combat in the Desert. Slow Motion. Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). Communications satellite orbiting planet earth, slowly moving up. HUD futuristic High Tech alpha channel Display Scanner Rocket takes off Invasion of military robots. Dramatic apocalypse super realistic concept. Future. 4k animation. TULCEA, ROMANIA - APRIL 28: Protesters clash with riot gendarmerie during a riot-control exercise on April 28, 2017 in Tulcea, Romania CIRCA - 1942 - Hitler, Mussolini, and a Japanese Military leader under Hirohito speak to large crowds promising world dominance. Heads up display hud screen scanner animation
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