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Man at Home Lying on a Couch using Smartphone with Green Mock-up Screen, Doing Swiping, Scrolling Gestures. Guy Using Mobile Phone, Internet Social Networks Browsing. Point of View Camera Shot. Young Woman at Home Lying on a Couch using with Green Mock-up Screen Smartphone in Horizontal Landscape Mode. Girl Using Mobile Phone, Browsing Internet, Watching Content, Videos, Blogs. POV. GREEN SCREEN Over the shoulder shot of young Caucasian female with long black hair using mobile phone with chroma key. 4K UHD 60 FPS Young Handsome Man Gives a Voice Command to a Smart Home Application on His Smartphone and Lights in the Room are Being Turned On. It's a Cozy Evening. A pretty young woman using her smartphone on the couch, texting while relaxing, 4K slow motion Young Handsome Hipster Man using a Smartphone Lying on Bed at Home Late at Night. 4K Technology With Modern Curved Edge Mobile Phone. GREEN SCREEN Over the shoulder shot of young Caucasian female with long black hair using mobile phone with chroma key. 4K UHD 60 FPS Smart Home - smart house, home automation, device with app icons. Man uses his smart phone with smarthome security app to turn on the lights of his house. (Shot on RED) 4K Smiling professional woman making a friendly phone call, could be talking to a business contact or a friend. Slow motion. Young man lying on sofa using mobile phone while cat walking on him at home 4K 4k Woman orders food home in an online store using a smartphone. Female selects the fruit apples in the grocery online store.  Close-up. 4K UHD. Screen is blurred Woman in smart connected home using phone online internet of everything to enjoy a digital lifestyle Man using his smartphone with to scroll a Instagram account feed, scrolling news, tapping on screen. The screen is blurred. Focus on the finger. Close-up. 4K UHD. Girl sitting on brown sofa is holding a tablet pc with green screen and markers, making pick gestures on touchpad, 4K Attractive girl holding cellular mobile phone drinking morning coffee tea at home natural light. Young woman typing mobile smart phone sitting at windowsill indoors 4k. happy modern lifestyle gadget
Happy asian family having video chat using smartphone at home mother and father with daughter chatting on mobile phone together waving hand enjoying online communication 4k footage A Man Celebrates a Sports Bet Gambling Win on a Mobile Phone at Home, with Fist Pump. In 4K. Interior of Home Lounge. White Caucasian in early 30's. Smart home connecting home appliances automation technology,  Internet of things, 4k animation. gray back. Young Girl is Holding Smartphone with Green Screen at Evening Time. Casual Lifestyle.
Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K.
ProRes codec  - Great for editing, color correction and grading. Attractive blonde Caucasian teen girl sitting on a sofa at home and texting on her phone. Smiling, laughing female. Love, friendship concept. 4K UHD RAW edited footage 4K Young single woman using dating app on her smartphone, swiping left & right
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