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SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, DOF: Tiny raindrops fall on dark wooden railing and splash across porch. Monsoon rain washes the terrace of a lovely vacation house. Idyllic drops of water falling and splashing Drought Concept. Rain Water raining on a dry and cracked land. There's a plant coming out of the crack. selective focus Time Lapse, Dark rumbling storm clouds spread across sky, morphing to deep red as edge of sunset emerges. 4K UHD 3840x2160 Rain falls in the garden The background is a tree with light sunshine. chiangmai,thailand. Close up detail of raindrops falling down on green leaf during heavy summer monsoon rainfall. Water Drops washing tree foliage. Rain pouring on green leaves in garden in slow motion Rain and the nature. rain drop leaf. rain and trees. Rain and the nature. rain drop leaf. rain and trees. SLOW MOTION, MACRO CLOSE UP: Raindrops falling down on lush green banana palm leaf during heavy summer monsoon rainfall in jungle. Waterdrops washing leaves. Rain pouring on green plant in garden Time lapse of rain storm sky with clouds moving  above the seascape Torrential Heavy Rain. Seasonal Monsoon Rain in Asia. Handheld amateur shot. selective focus Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - November 6, 2018 : Aerial Hyperlapse of Landmark 81 and Ho Chi Minh City at night Amazing, unique stormy weather time lapse featuring sandstorm, lightning strike, swirling, fast-moving clouds, strong winds, sweeping rain shafts dumping monsoon rains on mountainous landscape. 4K. Heavy rain. raindrops were dripping from the roof. the leaves in the background sway in the wind. located in a rented house in Jakarta, Indonesia. Southeast Asia Rain cloud moving low and transforming  fast in deep clear  blue sky over tropical land with airplane track .
Clouds and airplane track time lapse.
Slow motion speed close up scene on raindrop fall against and bounce on floor, flood from rainstrom in bad rainy day, natural pattern of pouring rain bumping on ground, grainy texture of water Aerial drone shot ; fly over flooding along the river inundated rural houses and agricultural fields Bad Weather and Low Season on Tropical Island. Palm Trees in Rain  water almost to roof, Thai flood hits Central of Thailand, Severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand ,overflow water around City and road  in Bangkok, Thailand Tropical rainstorm in the jungle against the backdrop of a green forest with a palm tree. Tropical wind and rain drops falling on the green palm tree leaves. Tropical Monsoon. Bad Weather Rain water dropping from brown ceramic tile roof in day time.  Raining in motion. Tropical Monsoon Rain Over Palm Trees in Jungle. Bad Weather
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