Month Stock Video Footage

Close-up on a retro calendar changing dates from 1 to 31. Filmed with studio light on a gray background. 02900 Top shot showing year calendar with fast flipping pages On 20 March 2010, an eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano began in Fimmvörðuháls following months of small earthquakes under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. Ultrasonography of third month pregnancy Baby crawling high angle view Company boss handshaking promoting african manager while colleagues applaud, businessman congratulates black woman with career achievement, shake hands rewarding for good work, employee of the month Cute puppy dog Jack Russell three months, slow motion 240 running across grass,sunset light.wide angle shot Ramadan candle lanterns are hanging on dawn sky background with glowing stars and a crescent. There is a space on top for your message text and logo. Top quality 3d animation. Time lapse Close-up White clock hanging on the wall Start time 09.48 Clock walking 20 minutes. The look of the baby in the camera close up shot. A cute little baby is looking into the camera. The baby looks around and then smiles and laughs. Concept of caring for children, parental love and A flip clock calendar turns quickly through the days of the year, from January 1st to December 31st - high quality 3d animation
Muslim Family Eating Dinner At Home. Ramadan is a time when families get together in the evening to break their fast Women's march_2018__new york city_fight like a girl sign
A happy young man hugs his father and newborn son. Father's love. the continuity of generations. Male tenderness. Fathers Day Baby yawning during Ultrasound scan (6 months-21st weeks) with heartbeat sound.
Baby boy ultrasound of 21st weeks with yawn and heartbeat sound Three generations of men. Grandpa, father and little grandson. Father and son greet each other with a handshake. Sunset, the bank of the river Strong and happy breast cancer survivior woman showing biceps - breast cancer awareness concept Paris, France, May 2016. City authorities have recently decided to close the Champs-�lysées to traffic once a month. The initiative has proved very popular with huge crowds lining the famous street. Jack Russell Terrier dog running carefree through the grass in the nature Park, slow motion MONTREAL, CANADA - January 2016 : Fingers browsing Facebook feeds on smartphone application. Facebook is the most popular online social networking service (1.44 billion monthly active users). A little cute ten-months-baby-girl with cooking hoods on her head is sitting on the kitchen floor, she is heavily soiled with wheat flour - she's playing cook
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