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Aerial tracking of mountain bikers on cross-country cycling in amazing sunlight. Two mountain bikers riding their bikes to the top in amazing sunlight. MTB bike riding on enduro mountain track trail in autumn forest. Mountain biking downhill in woods. View from first person perspective POV. Gimbal stabilized video. Struggling road cyclist waves and comments on being easily overtaken by girl on innovative electric bike. Blonde city woman in sundress pedals past pro mountain bike rider on sunny day in the summer. Onboard camera: Mountain biking downhill in stone road in Slate Mountain, Great Britain. View from first person perspective POV. 50 fps SUPER SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE: Fit man rides an e-bike in the shallow river and splashes water around him on a sunny summer day. Active male tourist rides a mountain bike in sunlit Soca river valley. SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE CLOSE UP: Two unrecognizable persons riding new mountain bikes across the sunlit stream. Bright sun rays illuminate the river as two men ride bikes through the dark forest. Man riding enduro mountain bike on rocky trail. View from first person perspective POV. Gimbal stabilized video. Shot with GOPRO HERO4 4K. Mountain biking with friends on a sunny day Back view of cool traveler standing in front of his chopper motorbike and admiring beautiful tropical mountain view during cloudy early morning - video in slow motion SLOW MOTION, SUN FLARE, CLOSE UP: Happy man lifts his bicycle above his head at sunset after a mountain biking trip in the beautiful mountains. Cheerful tourist celebrates winning a mountain bike ride Mountain biker jumping at sunset in super slow motion SLOW MOTION, SUN FLARE, CLOSE UP, LOW ANGLE: Cinematic shot of rocks flying as cyclist rides along a gravel path. Unrecognizable extreme bike rider brakes while mountain biking sending rocks flying. Mtb Mountain biker crash with downhill bike. Cyclist rides a single trail with berms, hits a tree with his handlebars and crashes. Speed riding an enduro mountain bike in orange autumn forest. Downhill ride in woods. View from first person perspective POV. Full HD gimbal stabilized video, Gopro Hero 4 black. Healthy man cycling road bicycle outdoors fitness steadicam shot POV shot of female bicycle rider descending mountain road on high fast speed on professional bike in sunset rays falling down and creating beautiful shadows. May '17 in Spain Aerial MTB.MTB Bike Cycling Riding From Drone.Cyclist Senior Man Riding Mountain Bike.Aerial Man Cycling Along Country Road. Man On MTB Bicycle Aerial Drone View. Cycling In Sunset From Drone. Steadicam shot of mountain biking couple riding on bike trail at sunset doing high. POV Extreme Mountain Biking On Dirt Trail Young Fit Man Cycling On Road Bike Outside At Sunset Racing Downhill
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