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Big Mule Deer running through the Trees Mule Deer Buck Male Adult Lone Walking in Fall Trophy Large Antlers Prime Rutting in South Dakota Mule Deer Buck Male Adult Lone Alarmed Frightened Running in Summer in South Dakota LONE PINE, CALIFORNIA - CIRCA 2020s - Aerial over a beautiful herd of California elk or mule deer running in fields in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Black-tailed buck stands on it's hind legs to forage on Black Oak leaves in the Sierras of Northern California. A huge mule deer buck with large velvet covered antlers feeds on leaves. Mule Deer Buck Doe Adult Herd Walking in Fall in South Dakota Mule Deer Buck Male Adult Pair Bucks Alarmed Frightened Running in Fall Skyline Ridgeline Trophy Antlers Trophies in South Dakota Two giant mule deer bucks with velvet antlers feeding the open Mule Deer Buck and Doe Adult Pair Standing and Walking in Fall or Autumn in Great Plains A Large Mule Deer Buck in a Farm Field on a Fall Afternoon Mule Deer Doe Female Eating in Summer with Seeds and Burrs on Fur Plant Seed Dispersal Mule Deer Pair Bucks Playing Sparring Fighting in Winter with Antlers Mule Deer Buck Male Adult Pair Bucks Alarmed Nervous Wary in Fall Skyline Rideline Silhouette in South Dakota Black-tailed Deer, standing on hide legs, feeding of the leaves of a Black Oak in the foothills of the Sierras of Northern California. Large mule deer buck with velvet antlers facing the sunlight Mule Deer in the plains of Colorado Mother Mule deer and her young doe walk through brush In late October a Black-tailed buck deer demonstrates the rutting season by violently readying his antlers via a Cedar in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. Elk Video Clip in 4k Mule Deer Adult Several Jumping Jump Leap Over Fence Leaping Clearing in New Mexico
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