Narrow Stock Video Footage

Iris pupil contracting slowmotion,female green make up eye Aerial shot of the top of a plateau Steadicam slow motion shot of a young woman walking along the narrow street of an old town. She's lifting her head to view buildings around her. Low angle driving POV on snowy country road in Alaska Low angle driving POV around "S" curve on snowy country road in Alaska. Aerial View Through Green Mountain River Canyon in Iceland. Aerial view of a California river An industrial worker walks through a dark and narrow passageway between two rows of stacked goods in a warehouse before walking out into bright daylight. Shot at a low angle and in slow motion. Sunrise in Montmartre a neighborhood of Paris, France. The sun is shinny orange to yellow through some leaf from a tree branches. Cars are quietly parked along the road.Becquerel street. INDIA - DECEMBER 2012: Vehicles and people at the busy Chandni Chowk market Old Delhi, India, Asia Worried business woman in red coat goes near business centre in the city, communicates via smartphone (phablet). Steady cam shot, slow motion. Figure walking through a tight Moroccan alley way Happy kids in a village in India laughing and smiling together. Narrow depth of field. Hiker walks along narrow summit ridge crest at sunset. Reaching the Top. Young Woman Practicing Healthy Active Lifestyle. Steadicam shot of a woman with phone running at night. She escaping from maniac in dark narrow passage between old worn buildings Unrecognizable crowd, people walking, slow motion  Wide Shot Couple walking on narrow street of old town / Murano, Venice, Italy SLOW MOTION: Contraction of the pupil Woman Hiker Backpacker hiking narrow slot canyon Steadicam slow motion shot of light-hearted man and woman holding hands and running along the narrow street of Stockholm, Sweden. Camera is following them. Slow Cruise Through Rain Forest Woods Leads to Fork in the Road
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