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CIRCA 1939 - Luftwaffe planes take off and offer an aerial view of terrain and wrecked bridges in Poland. 1940s: Erwin Rommel & Nazi officers walk down a street. He glances at camera. The front end of a Mercedes Benz. Drives under a bridge. Tires spin on road. Back of car driving. CIRCA 1939 - Bridges wrecked by warfare are shown in Poland. Polish POWs repair a bridge until it can be driven over again. CIRCA 1930s - In this Frank Capra documentary narrated by Walter Huston, the Siegfried Line is constructed by the Nazis (narrated in 1943). South African and New Zealand troops liberate Florence from Nazi forces in 1944. (Ponte Vecchio bridge and Arno River are featured.) (1940s) CIRCA 1940 - German soldiers transport a pontoon bridge across a field in France, and begin putting in place over a stream. CIRCA 1945 - American soldiers drive over the Rhine River and take Nazi soldiers of a concentration camp prisoner while also surveying the dead there. CIRCA 1940s - Nazi warplanes drop bombs and dogfight with Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire fighter planes above London and, in Westminster, civilians huddle in an air raid shelter Nazis advance on the Soviet Union, the Red Army forms, factories produce weapons and Stalingrad is attacked, during World War 2. (1940s) CIRCA 1930s - The Nazi army builds a bridge from ruins to be able to cross a river by carriage, horse and automobiles in Poland in 1939. CIRCA 1939 - German artillerymen fire on Polish docks. CIRCA 1940s - City streets, a group of men and women on a boat in the river, and women selling fish, in Hamburg, Germany. CIRCA 1940 - German troops use railway artillery, tanks, flamethrowers, and aerial combat in Luxembourg. CIRCA 1930s - The Nazi army builds a bridge from ruins to be able to cross a river by carriage, horse and automobiles in Poland in 1939. 1940s Germany: Tracking shot, soldiers marching on bridge. Title card. Long shot of train car. Nazi officer walking. Officers walk by soldiers. Charles Huntziger boards train car. 1940s: Nazi officer salutes soldiers as they march past. Map of Europe. Soldiers march across bridge and fires burn nearby. 1940s: Nazi soldier hides landmine in grass. Soldiers stand in trenches near bridge leading to city. Soldiers observe cars and trucks on road. Smoke and fire billow from building. Ponte della Liberta (Liberty Bridge) is a road bridge connecting the islands that form the historical centre of the city of Venice, Italy to the mainland part of the city. CIRCA 1945 - American soldiers use a smokescreen to cross a bridge behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. CIRCA 1940s - The British Fire Brigade pumps water from the River Thames to combat fires after a Nazi air raid, during World War 2, in 1940. CIRCA 1940s - The British 2nd army crosses the Albert Canal into Antwerp, liberating the city from the Nazis in 1944.
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