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Aerial view of skyscrapers and buildings in Manhattan, New York City skyline, day light. Wide shot. 4k shot with a RED camera. Big data over New York aerial shot. Futuristic city where every building, appliance, device and person is connected, forming a computer network  Perfect to illustrate: internet of things, smart cities Brooklyn Bridge in NY. Financial District. Manhattan / Epic and Cinematic Aerial / Drone Shot / New York / 05.05.2017 Aerial view of the Statue of Liberty at sunset, New York City, bright light. Medium to wide shot. An interior view of the doors on a New York City subway car as they open at the platform.  	Aerial smart city. Network connections and cloud computing icons with percentages. Technology concept, data communication, artificial intelligence, internet of things. New York City skyline. Aerial view of The Financial District in Lower Manhattan. Cityscape and famous skyscrapers of New York City. Shot from a helicopter. New York - June 20, 2017: Woman using Uber app to order a cab, taxi in New York. Close up. Woman using uber application while standing on the city street. Women's march_2018__new york city_fight like a girl sign
NEW YORK - JANUARY 21ST 2017: Women's March in Manhattan People crossing crosswalk in city. new york city night lights background Aerial view of buildings and nightlife in Times Square in downtown Manhattan, New York City, bright night lighting. Wide shot on 4k RED camera with green screens. New York City Aerial v13 Vertical shot looking down over Midtown Manhattan heading west just after sunset. Young Hispanic Latino man in city face portrait Unrecognizable crowd of business people commuting to work. pedestrians walking on crowded city street An aerial shot of New York City's skyline at sunset. Shot during the summer of 2016 4k. The camera flies over The East River looking towards Manhattan. A typical New York style apartment or office building establishing shot at night with the lights from a window turning on. Simulated "day-for-night" composite.	 	AERIAL CLOSE UP: Flying above the 6th avenue in sunny midtown Manhattan towards downtown skyscrapers in New York City Top view aerial footage from flying drone of metropolitan city HongKong with development buildings, transportation, energy power infrastructure. Financial and business centers in developed China town. Aerial view of new york city skyline buildings at night. urban metropolis background. establishment shot of nyc. Silhouette of anonymous people walking in the city. business commuters traveling background. urban metropolis lifestyle scenery
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