Newsreels Stock Video Footage

CIRCA 1950s - Albert Einstein American scientist and mathematician smiles and looks at the camera in this good portrait. CIRCA 1965 - Civil rights demonstrators march in Harlem in support of Selma. CIRCA 1955 - Nurses and doctors administer polio vaccine shots to young children. CIRCA 1939 - Men and women in Victorian swimwear walk through snowdrifts in a Mount Hood, Oregon forest and have a snowball fight. CIRCA 1965 - Black and white protestors march in Harlem, New York in solidarity with Selma, mourning the murder of Reverend James J. Reeb. CIRCA 1945 - The destruction on buildings and civilians of Hiroshima is shown after the atomic bomb was dropped (narrated in 1946). Old newsreel style intro with rotating globe and radio waves close up CIRCA 1965 - Martin Luther King leads the Freedom March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama while Military Police drive by. CIRCA 1964 - The Beatles are surrounded by screaming fans when they arrive at JFK, and as they tour Central Park. CIRCA 1965 - Martin Luther King leads a peaceful march through Selma, and is granted the right to pray. CIRCA 1953 - Joseph Stalin waves from the balcony of a tall building in Moscow, Russia. CIRCA 1930 - Poor men receive bread and soup on a breadline in an American city during the Great Depression. CIRCA 1929 - Men shuffle along a bread line in a city during the Great Depression, while others read newspapers together. CIRCA 1964 - Teenagers scream and some faint as cops and a barricade keep them from swarming the Beatles at England's London Airport. CIRCA 1939 - At the Oregon Institute of Technology, an instructor demonstrates the power of a generator with voltage high enough to raise hair. CIRCA 1949 - A child is held up at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and new members are initiated in a cross burning ceremony. CIRCA 1966 - Black and white voters head to the polls in Alabama. George and Lurleen Wallace are seen at the state house after she is elected. CIRCA 1930 - Construction workers working on the Empire State Building have a good view of the Chrysler Building. CIRCA 1920s - Newsreel feature: History of Flight - Amelia Earhart and WWII CIRCA 1965 - Fans scream and crowd the Beatles' car as they drive away from Buckingham Palace in London. 1950s - Great footage of switchboard operators at work at the phone company in 1950.
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